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BEC Groups Targeting Companies Using Impersonation Attacks
21 February 2023
Two threat groups have been discovered conducting business email compromise (BEC) attacks on global companies by impersonating executives. The discoveries...
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What are MDR, XDR, and EDR in Cybersecurity?
18 February 2023
In the ever-changing digital environment, the cyber threat landscape remains dynamic and evolving, presenting major risks for companies. Cyber criminals...
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Ransomware Groups Targeting Global VMware ESXi Servers
17 February 2023
Administrators, hosting providers, and the French Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-FR) have warned that threat operators are aggressively targeting...
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5 Areas Where Malware Can Hide & Companies May Not Check
16 February 2023
While numerous cybercriminals carry out their cyberattacks as quickly as possible, others prefer to capture sensitive and protected information over extended...
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Top 5 Cybercrimes To Be Aware of in 2023
15 February 2023
Cybersecurity experts are warning that the threat landscape will bring in a new era of concerns over cyberattacks, which are likely to increase substantially...
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Proactive Measures Can Protect Against Intermittent Encryption
14 February 2023
Threat operators continue to exhibit their cunning and competence in evading companies’ defenses’ cybersecurity arsenals. A growing form of ransomware,...
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New DDoS-as-a-Service Platform Targeting Hospitals
13 February 2023
Pro-Russian threat operators have employed a new DDoS-as-a-Service (DDoSaaS) platform called “Passion” in recent attacks against medical institutions in...
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The Value of Outsourcing Security Monitoring
11 February 2023
To thrive in a competitive market, particularly when economic predictability constantly fluctuates, businesses must find opportunities that provide them...
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QakNote Malware Being Distributed Through OneNote Phishing Campaign
09 February 2023
SpearTip’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team detected a new phishing campaign named QakNote. This campaign has been discovered to use Microsoft OneNote...
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Emerging Malware Breached Global Redis Servers
09 February 2023
A new stealthy malware designed to search for vulnerable global Redis servers online has infected over a thousand servers over the last year and a half...
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10 Strategic Moves To Build A Defense Against Cyberattacks
08 February 2023
Threat analysts and incident responders spend a lot of time dealing with ransomware. Even though cybersecurity analysts wish the scale of the problem was...
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Nevada Ransomware TargetS Windows and VMware ESXi systems
07 February 2023
Nevada, a relatively new ransomware operation, is rapidly expanding its capabilities, as security researchers discovered improved capability for the locker...
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The Top Five Threat Vectors Confronting Businesses
06 February 2023
In recent years, high-profile cyberattacks have ranged from one of the biggest breaches in banking history with the Capital One attack in 2019 to the Colonial...
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Engage Proactive Measures To Prepare for Cybersecurity Incidents
04 February 2023
With ransomware attacks continuing to evolve and threat operators becoming more evasive, companies face an enormous threat. When breaches were in their...
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New Ransomware Uses “Everything” Windows Tool to Encrypt Files
03 February 2023
A new ransomware strain, Mimic, searches for files targeted for encryption using the APIs of Windows’ “Everything” file search tool. The “Everything” tool...
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Threat Actors Target Federal Agencies Using RMM Software
02 February 2023
Phishing attacks are being used by threat actors to target legitimate remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. A successful breach against two...
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Cyberattack on Baltimore School District from Phishing Attack
01 February 2023
The Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Education issued its investigation report into the “catastrophic” cyberattack on Baltimore County Public...
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Ransomware Groups Breaching Networks Using Google Ads
31 January 2023
DEV-0569 is a threat actor using Google Ads in widespread, continuous advertising campaigns to distribute malware, steal victims’ credentials, and eventually...
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Threat Groups Use Microsoft-Signed Drivers to Breach Systems
30 January 2023
After drivers signed through their profiles were utilized in cyberattacks, including ransomware incidents, Microsoft revoked numerous of its hardware developer...
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FBI Seized Hive Ransomware Group’s Website and Decryption Keys
28 January 2023
After infiltrating the group’s infrastructure last July, the FBI seized Hive ransomware operation’s Tor payment and data leak websites as part of an international...
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