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How To Limit Ransomware and the Associated Payment Demands
20 October 2022
Ransomware has emerged as a clear and present danger for entities of every industry and size. Attacks are becoming more common these days and extracting...
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Authorities Acquire 155 Decryption Keys for Ransomware Victims
19 October 2022
By faking ransom payments, the Dutch National Police and a cybersecurity company deceived the DeadBolt ransomware group into handing over 155 decryption...
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Black Basta Exploits Various Tools to Breach Networks
18 October 2022
Researchers discovered several distribution mechanisms when OAKBOT’s malware distribution continued last month after a brief hiatus. SmokeLoader (using...
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Ransomware Attacks Have Serious Impacts on Businesses
17 October 2022
According to a ransomware defense report, despite the increased investment in ransomware-fighting tools, 90% of companies were affected by ransomware in...
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BlackByte Disables Security Products by Abusing Legit Driver
12 October 2022
The BlackByte ransomware group is employing a new technique called “Bring Your Own Driver,” (BYOD) that can bypass protections by disabling over 1,000...
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MSPs Must Maintain High Expectations for Cybersecurity Providers
11 October 2022
MSPs have a lot riding to ensure their clients have a positive experience and secure environment. Research indicates that 95% of MSP clients who changed...
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Strategies To Defend Your Business Against Cyberthreats
10 October 2022
As people are aware, it’s not only large companies that must implement stringent processes and policies to keep their operations secure and safe from cybersecurity...
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Mitigation Strategies for 'ProxyNotShell' Exchange Vulnerabilities
07 October 2022
The SpearTip Security Operations Center team is actively tracking two disclosed Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-41040 CVE-2022-41082...
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Three Significant Cybersecurity Threats That Concern MSPs
06 October 2022
Managed service providers (MSPs) have been the target of attacks that are gaining public attention. According to a survey of 200 MSPs across the United...
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Every Company Should Have A Cybersecurity Training Program
05 October 2022
Cybersecurity attacks continue to threaten businesses of all sizes as their complexity and frequency are increasing, which makes it difficult for companies...
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Ransomware Groups Include Data Corruption Tactic for Extortion
04 October 2022
Exmatter, a data exfiltration malware previously associated with the BlackMatter ransomware group, is now being upgraded with data corruption functionality,...
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7 Main Cybersecurity Features MSPs Should Utilize
03 October 2022
The most important success factor for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is customer trust. Nonetheless, it’s only possible with the right company partnerships....
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Internal Developer Leaks LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Builder Code
28 September 2022
A breach occurred in the LockBit ransomware operation, with a disgruntled developer leaking the builder for the group’s newest encryptor. After two months...
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Threat Actors Evolve Tactics to Bypass MFA
27 September 2022
A simple username and password are not enough to secure your sensitive information—including personal and financial records.  Studies indicate that, on...
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Add Data Security as a Defense Layer to Limit Theft
26 September 2022
Companies with an in-depth defense strategy including data security can reduce the chances of a successful ransomware attack. According to industry data,...
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Threat Actors Exploit Phone Systems to Breach Business Networks
20 September 2022
The Lorenz ransomware group is exploiting a critical vulnerability in Mitel’s MiVoice VoIP appliance to breach companies using their phone systems for...
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Why SpearTip Is An Ideal Cybersecurity Partner For MSPs
19 September 2022
In the past five years, 60% of companies have experienced a cyberattack that financially damaged their business. 52% of small and medium-sized businesses...
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The Impact of Ransomware on Healthcare Can Put Patients At Risk
15 September 2022
COVID-19 has occupied healthcare providers for the last few years, given the devastating impact the pandemic had on patients. However, ransomware is another...
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Threat Actors Expand Use of Intermittent Encryption
14 September 2022
Numerous ransomware groups are utilizing a new method that increases the encryption process on victims’ systems while decreasing the likelihood of being...
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Foundational Cybersecurity Practices for MSPs and Their Clients
13 September 2022
Managed service providers (MSPs) want to provide their clients with the best services, including maintaining their data security and updating their systems....
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