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Kia Motors Outages Caused by DoppelPaymer Ransomware
18 February 2021
According to BleepingComputer, Kia Motors America has suffered a ransomware attack by the DoppelPaymer gang, demanding $20 million for a decryptor and...
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Clop Ransomware Leaks Stolen Files from Jones Day Law Firm
17 February 2021
According to SecurityWeek, a group of cybercriminals known for ransomware attacks has started leaking files allegedly stolen from Jones Day, a major U.S.-based...
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Egregor Ransomware Affiliates Arrested in Ukraine
15 February 2021
After Maze ransomware group announced “retirement”, it was widely speculated among security researchers that the group rebranded to a better version of...
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DarkSide Ransomware Group is Still Looming
15 February 2021
According to BleepingComputer, Canadian Discount Car and Truck Rentals has been hit with a DarkSide ransomware attack where the hackers claim to have stolen...
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Ransomware Attack Forces Therapy Institution into Bankruptcy
12 February 2021
According to security researcher, Graham Cluley, “Vastaamo, the Finnish psychotherapy practice that covered up a horrific security breach which resulted...
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RansomExx Ransomware Group Performs Disruptive Attack
11 February 2021
According to Bleeping Computer, French health insurance company Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH) has suffered a ransomware attack that has severely...
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Law Enforcement Apprehend Creator of the World’s Largest Phishing Campaign
10 February 2021
According to The Hacker News, law enforcement officials in Ukraine, in coordination with authorities from the U.S. and Australia, last week shut down one...
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HelloKitty Ransomware Auctioning Source Code for Cyberpunk and Witcher
10 February 2021
According to, Threat actors are auctioning the alleged source code for CD Projekt Red games, including Witcher 3, Thronebreaker, and...
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What Factors Contributed to the Decline of the Average Ransomware Payment?
05 February 2021
At SpearTip, along with the incident response industry, we experienced, for the first time in two years, a decline of average ransomware payments in Q4...
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NetWalker Affiliate Charged, Dark Website Revoked
28 January 2021
NetWalker ransomware group will be facing a tough road ahead after law enforcement brought the hammer down by discontinuing their dark web leak site and...
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Emotet Operations Disrupted After International Takedown
27 January 2021
Emotet, which may be considered the most infamous botnet, was taken down in an operation coordinated by Europol, the FBI, and the UK National Crime Agency....
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DDoS and Ransomware: A Disastrous Combination
25 January 2021
A ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack combination can be a recipe for disaster. One particular ransomware group, Avaddon, has recently...
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Over a Thousand Passwords left Unprotected after Phishing Campaign
21 January 2021
Threat actors are very intelligent when it comes to infiltrating and phishing, but this doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes. Researchers at two security...
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How Did Threat Actors Attack This Cybersecurity Firm?
20 January 2021
The team of over 600 malware hunters, software engineers, and security industry veterans, confirmed being attacked on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Malwarebytes claims,...
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COVID Vaccine Data Targeted Again by Threat Actors
14 January 2021
With vaccines for COVID-19 being deployed worldwide, threat actors are targeting the data surrounding it. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced...
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Supposed Leak Site May Have SolarWinds Breach Data
14 January 2021
The threat actors behind the SolarWinds breach may have launched a website to sell the data taken from the cyberattack. It may not be up for much longer,...
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Home Appliance Company, Whirlpool, Endures Ransomware Attack
28 December 2020
The home appliance company, Whirlpool, confirmed a ransomware attack and explained they will be slowly bringing back systems until all are restored. With...
North Korean Threat Actors Target COVID-19 Vaccine Research
24 December 2020
Intelligence is certainly valuable and North Korean, government-connected threat actors have been trying to obtain it. Two different incidents at a pharmaceutical...
Emotet Returns in High Volume Before Christmas
24 December 2020
Emotet returns at a rate of 100,000 targets a day. Starting as a banking trojan in 2014, Emotet has come and gone through the years. They will be very...
3 VPN Providers Taken Down Immediately
22 December 2020
Cybercriminals use one of three VPN services to attack their victims. All three VPN service providers have been confiscated by US, Germany, France, Switzerland,...
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