LockBit ransomware operators are looking to recruit insiders from corporate companies to assist them with breaches and encryption of data. For those who accept, they are promising millions.

Ransomware groups don’t usually go this route when planning attacks, but if certain employees choose to accept, they’ll have instant access to many devices on the network. The developers of the ransomware often maintain leak sites, coordinate affiliates, and then sell the ransomware to said affiliates to carry out attacks while taking in a smaller percentage of the ransom.

Now, they’re avoiding paying out the affiliates while attempting to malware to those inside networks. In related news, a Conti affiliate recently outed Conti’s attack plan after they felt they were not paid properly for encrypting a victim network. This is all very suspicious considering threat actors can recruit cybercriminal talent from anywhere in the world.

LockBit’s recruiting pitch reads as follows, “Would you like to earn millions of dollars? Our company acquire access to networks of various companies, as well as insider information that can help you steal the most valuable data of any company. You can provide us accounting data for the access to any company, for example, login and password to RDP, VPN, corporate email, etc. Open our letter at your email. Launch the provided virus on any computer in your company. Companies pay us the foreclosure for the decryption of files and prevention of data leak. You can communicate with us through the Tox messenger. https://*******/download.html Using Tox messenger, we will never know your real name, it means your privacy is guaranteed. If you want to contact us, use ToxID: xxxx”

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