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Security Operations Center
The Indispensable Benefits of a Security Operations Center
25 January 2022
What is a Security Operations Center? A security operations center (SOC) is the facility out of which an information technology (IT) security team works....
MSP Ransomware
Managed Service Providers and the State of Ransomware
22 January 2022
As the SOC Manager overseeing the ShadowSpear department, Joshua Peebels leads multiple teams of diverse and skilled engineers and analysts as they work...
MSP Security
What to Know About Cyber Security for MSPs
13 January 2022
Why is Cyber Security Important to MSPs? During this ongoing and unrelenting cyberattack epidemic, cyber security is vitally important to MSPs because...
Ransomware for MSP
Latest Ransomware Target: MSPs. Are They Safe?
10 January 2022
Ransomware is costing businesses, not just in extortion payments, but especially in downtime. The cost of downtime, according to industry research, is...
Threat Actors Actively Targeting IT Managed Service Providers
19 October 2020
Threat actors have been targeting IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a ferocious cadence, where companies are allowing third-party MSPs the responsibility...

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