SpearTip spit it out for you in early May this year—NetWalker Ransomware. The ransomware group who joined the nefarious activities of Maze, Dopplepaymer, Clop and others has continued to attack.

In our previous blog, NetWalker Ransomware Joins Cyber Gang, SpearTip laid out exactly what we saw NetWalker doing. Not only are they demanding a ransom, but also leaking data of the victims to their own blog.

It was expected of them to increase their attacks during this time, and they have proven their abilities. In a recent attack, NetWalker has forced a health care provider offline. Although the investigation is still ongoing, the cybercriminals have threatened to publish the data online.

It is expected of NetWalker to target health care providers and other organizations and scare the public with its past. Their tactics work, and it is important to be vigilant. To understand in detail what is occurring for Crozer-Keystone Health System, read the article.

SpearTip’s robust digital forensics team who also leverages reverse engineering on these types of cyberattacks, outmaneuvers partners’ adversaries. Detection is always validated and reported within a comprehensive analysis.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) engineers are seeing, through elite threat intelligence, NetWalker holding on to exfiltrating data. SpearTip is watching 24/7 for cybercrime. Revisit our blog on the shift from encryption to extortion.

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