North Korea continues to be a cybersecurity threat to U.S. based companies.

This is what we know so far:

How: Infecting victims with sophisticated homegrown ransomware

Who: Lazarus – hacking group(North Korean government)

What: New wave of cyberattacks – malware (VHD)

Where: First attack, unknown; second attack, business in France

When: Spring 2020

Why: For a devastating effect; extort money from hacked organizations

The motive behind the deployment of this new ransomware is not entirely clear, but from previous knowledge of the Lazarus group as well as their initiatives, we can conclude the following information.

  • “Big game hunting” – compromise the networks of high-profile companies
  • Stealing data to publish online
  • Raise funds for the Pyongyang government

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It isn’t confirmed yet of other business or organizations being attack by VHD. There are always emerging ransomware variants. It is crucial to be knowledgeable about these threats and what they mean for your organization. Take this as a warning and opportunity to straighten up your security posture in order to secure your environment for not only yourself, but also your entire organization.

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