Microsoft wants to help your organization’s IT staff. Its new Office 365 features allows for your IT staff to detect and stop “Reply-All email storms.” These email storms have crashed email servers in the past.

Your organization probably sends out company-wide mass emails frequently. This new feature will block emails threads with more than 5,000 recipients who have hit more than 10 Reply-All sequences within 60 minutes.

You can thank Microsoft for eliminating your stress and frustration when the status of your email server slows down. Although this is a good move on Microsoft’s part, it is not good enough. It is not good enough in the sense that is doesn’t prevent business email compromise (BEC). Cybercriminals are still able to takeover email accounts.

SpearTip’s 24/7 Security Operations Center’s ability to monitor an organization’s email reduces its risk of encountering a business email compromise (BEC). It is able to detect IP logins and rule auditing, to name a few. If your organization doesn’t have email monitoring, this is the time to implement it into your cybersecurity plan.

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