A PoC (Proof-of-Concept) of a critical windows vulnerability was published on GitHub this week and taken down within hours, but the code was copied and continues to pop up on the forums regardless.

CVE-2021-1675 – Called PrintNightmare by security researchers, this vulnerability can be used for remote code execution.

Microsoft initially released a patch for this vulnerability, but as more security researchers have tested the code, fully patched systems cannot stop the RCE portion of the vulnerability.

It’s important to note that some researchers see CVE-2021-1675 as something different than PrintNightmare since a flaw was discovered after the initial CVE-2021-1675 vulnerability was patched.

Threat actors who exploit this vulnerability can perform complete takeovers of your networks. They must become authenticated as a domain user, but once this is complete, full access may ensue.

PrintNightmare may allow local privilege escalation and remote code execution through the Spooler service inside Windows networks. This is completed by exploiting the RpcAddPrinterDriver call, enabling a DLL to be downloaded on the system, or through an escalated user. Researchers explain that most Windows systems have the Spooler service active which makes this vulnerability so important to businesses. It only takes one set of credentials to potentially give threat actors the ability to gain remote code execution.

SpearTip’s engineers are suggesting an immediate approach to fixing this vulnerability.

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