Ransomware Comic DistributionA ransomware attack affected the Diamond Comic Distributors’ order processing systems and its internal communications platforms. Diamond Comic Distributors, a major comic book company located in Maryland, continues to struggle with planned shipments. The company explained that the ransomware attack delayed nationwide and global shipments. They have since resumed reorders and deliveries will arrive, just later than initially hoped. Diamond Comic Distributors’ IT department and third-party experts are working to resolve the issues and restore full operations.

The company is ensuring customers that their data and financial information were not stored on the affected network. Additionally, the company has contacted local law enforcement and is working with a security firm to handle the incident. Diamond Comic Distributors is one of the world’s biggest print comic book distributors and numerous retailers receive some of the biggest comics available from Diamond Comic. The ransomware attack resulted in the temporary shutdown of the company’s website, disrupted the customer orders process, and affected the retailers’ ability to regularly sell several comic book publications to clients.

Even though no customer or business data theft occurred, ransomware groups can still cause significant damage to the manufacturing industries. It’s crucial for corporations like Diamond Comic Distributors to stay current with the latest threat landscape and improve their network’s security measures to prevent potential ransomware threats. At SpearTip, our Security Operations Centers are staffed 24/7 with certified engineers continuously working to monitor any incident preventing massive disruption in shipping distribution like comic books in any manufacturer’s network. Our ShadowSpear platform has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems around the globe, protecting manufacturing plants of all sizes from devastating ransomware attacks. To learn more about how SpearTip defends you and your business-critical information, email us: [email protected].

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