Nose jobs. Weight loss surgery. Breast enlargements. The Hospital Group does this type of work for many celebrities, and some data involving the surgeries has been leaked.

The UK cosmetic surgery chain is the victim of a ransomware attack by REvil, also known as Sodinokibi.

The Hospital Group confirmed their IT systems endured a security breach, and was forced to notify the Information Commissioner about the breach. They sent an email to all of their clients detailing the security incident.

They indicated no payment card details were compromised, but patients’ personal data was taken.

REvil ransomware has already published content on their Tor Network site. It is said between 600 and 900 GB of data have been stolen.

Clients impacted by this cyberattack are most worried about intimate photos being released. Because some clients haven’t told close family and friends about their particular surgery, they are concerned about this attack on The Hospital Group and what may have been exposed. Most pictures used by The Hospital Group do not contain the faces of clients, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not plausible.

This week, REvil plans to post their first files, named “Pacient Personal – 20гб TMG OFFICIAL Documents – 50гб”. REvil hopes The Hospital Group will provide payments for the files to be deleted from the dark web sites.

REvil is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) and has been active since April 2019. Their primary goal is to extort significant amounts of money from large organizations all over the globe.

Their name stands for Ransomware Evil, inspired by the Resident Evil movie series.

REvil grew after the closure of GrandGrab, a RaaS threat group.

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