REvil ransomware group is staying busy during the escalation in Microsoft Exchange server attacks. The group has claimed attacks on nine different organizations in the past two weeks.

Documents relating to the business of each victim were discovered on Dark Web forums seemingly posted by REvil operators. Using the Gootloader Malware loader, they are able to plant their ransomware within victim machines.

REvil’s ability to use different payloads such as Kronos trojan, Cobalt Strike, or Gootloader allow the group to diversify their attacks. It’s evident REvil is always looking to expand upon their attacking abilities. Just last week they announced they’ll be looking to call victims’ business partners or contacting the media in order to out the victim companies and apply pressure on decision makers to make ransom payments.

The efforts made to improve attack methods and evade security need to be combative with the same intensity in order to mitigate peristent threats. REvil has been active since 2019, and they’ve shown security experts they don’t plan to stop attacking organizations any time soon.

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