Black Friday for large retailers has already started. Although, Black Friday isn’t until November 27, the deals are live.

Online shopping has become just about everyone’s new hobby this year, if it wasn’t already. And, COVID-19 is one of the main reasons for this.

Even though most of the world has endured an altered lifestyle by COVID-19’s restrictions, cybercriminals have the ability to stay busy year-round. It’s also important to consider they may become more active during certain time periods as they prey on current trends and topics, especially societal concerns like the global pandemic.

The Black Friday shopping season proves to have the highest potential for internet users to be compromised as we see an uptick in cyberattacks every year during this time. For cybercriminals, their success rate increases because they have more targets to phish and send malicious content to in order to obtain personal identifiable information.

To make up for the lost business in Q2 and Q3, retailers are sending out more emails about deals and coupons to stay alive in Q4 and hope to make up for their losses. As a result, threat actors will try to take advantage of shoppers and more spoofing attacks will take place.

A spoofing attack is when someone or something imitates something else in order to gain the confidence of its victim to obtain access to systems, data, money, or to spread malware. Spoofing attacks can happen in many forms with the most popular being distributed via email.

Phishing attacks will continue to be a top threat into the new year. These campaigns are becoming more and more sophisticated and it is necessary to take immediate action to avoid any type of compromise.

Use these tips from our security experts:

  • When shopping online, use a credit card, not a debit card
  • Check out as a guest
  • Carefully read each and every email received
  • Look at sender details
  • Make sure the website is secure (https)

Taking these steps can help to prevent your network from being destroyed.

Cyberattacks are here to stay, so informing yourself on the trends and patterns of threat actors is important. Be aware of the types of attacks we’ve mentioned above and use our tips to avoid compromise.

We will continue to stay on top of the latest news concerning these threats because our cybersecurity professionals are always attentive to malware and manipulative programs. We do this by building cases on the threat groups and actors that are encountered on a daily basis. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) is complete with certified security engineers to monitor and protect your environment.

Not only are we continuously preventing cyberattacks, but we can also deploy our proprietary tool, ShadowSpear® in your environment before or after an attack.