EDR + Human
EDR Tools Fail Often, Adding Human Intervention Enhances Security
06 January 2022
A team of Greek academics tested endpoint detection and response (EDR) software from 18 top cybersecurity companies and discovered that many fail to detect...
Forrester Research Reports on the Benefits of SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform
13 November 2021
SpearTip’s Senior Director of Operations, Joe Hoosech, commands SpearTip’s 24/7 Security Operations Center. Joe is a decorated Marine Corp Veteran who...
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National Security Agency Warns of Four New Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Servers
14 April 2021
April 13 is Patch Tuesday for Microsoft and they’ve released four different remote code execution vulnerabilities with critical scores. CVE-2021-28480...
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3 Steps to Improve Your Company Cybersecurity Immediately
06 April 2021
As a business owner, securing all of your network’s devices, training employees to be cyber aware, and improving your general security can be a tall task...
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Tesla Employee Works with FBI to Apprehend Russian Threat Actor
19 March 2021
A Russian-speaking Tesla employee turned down a $1 million offer from a threat actor to install malware on Tesla’s machines at their Nevada factory. The...
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FBI Issues Warning on PYSA Ransomware Targeting Education Sector
16 March 2021
According to the FBI, PYSA ransomware is targeting educational institutions in the US and UK. This malware is capable of exfiltrating data and encrypting...
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New Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in F5 Devices
11 March 2021
A major enterprise and application protection vendor, F5, announced new critical vulnerabilities affecting BIG-IP and BIG-IQ software. An F5 leader explained...
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Security Operations Center Shows Value During Exchange Attacks
10 March 2021
The Microsoft Exchange server has impacted many organizations since it was publicly disclosed last week. According to a scan conducted by the Dutch Institute...
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New Ransomware "Quoter" Utilized by the Banking Trojan, RTM
04 March 2021
A new ransomware strain has been discovered in use as a backup plan to a popular banking trojan, RTM (Read The Manual). RTM utilizes email phishing to...
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Clop Ransomware Targeting Organizations from the Top
01 March 2021
Like many other threat groups, Clop ransomware uses double extortion tactics to entice victims to pay hefty ransom demands. SpearTip’s cyber experts have...
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VMware Servers Expose Critical Vulnerability
25 February 2021
VMware vCenter servers are being scanned at high rate due to a newly discovered vulnerability which allows threat actors to infiltrate unpatched devices...
shadowspear platform
SpearTip Updates its Advanced Cyber Threat Detection and Response Platform, ShadowSpear®
21 January 2020
Industry-leading proprietary technology thwarts cyberattacks faster with greater real-time visibility and AI enhancements (ST. LOUIS, MO) – January 21,...


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Members of the Executive BoardRoom provide detailed insights on how cybersecurity can help companies protect their data networks.

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