When the FBI alerted a $13 billion global communications company that one of their employees was a dangerous hacktivist, the communications powerhouse enlisted SpearTip. According to the FBI, the hacktivist had compromised the local mayor’s website as well as websites in Israel using the communications company’s computer systems.

With the permission of the company and their lead council, SpearTip began monitoring the hacktivist’s on-line presence. That same night, our cyber counterintelligence team launched an overnight investigation (night op) of the employee’s office, computers and workspace, in an effort to uncover evidence of illegal activity.

Our operatives uncovered significant findings that identified the employee as a clear and present danger, who was using company systems to carryout much of his hacktivist activities.

Beyond the investigation itself, the SpearTip team analyzed the company’s systems to ensure that when the hacktivist was brought to justice, no malware or other destructive initiatives were in place to damage the company.

After clearly identifying an array of dangerous hacktivist materials on the employee’s computer, SpearTip helped the company prepare for the next step in this potentially dangerous process.

Our counterintelligence team carefully replaced every item inspected during its investigation, leaving no trace of the operation, while setting up surveillance to monitor the employee’s every move both online and off.

With evidence in-hand, SpearTip and company executives delivered full reports to the FBI, who now had the necessary evidence to raid the hacktivist’s home and arrest him. Following the arrest, the hacktivist was charged, convicted and sentenced to prison.

Thanks to SpearTip’s rapid deployment and expert investigative operations, another criminal was sent to prison, with no additional harm to the company’s systems, data, nor reputation.

(As a matter of privacy and confidentiality, SpearTip never names clients when providing case studies.)