Chris Swagler | February 14th, 2022

Managed service providers (MSPs) require a multi-layered, all-in-one security platform that monitors all client endpoints—both cloud and network-based—to best protect their partners and elevate their businesses. Many MSPs have limited resources and are constantly looking for simple, scalable, easy-to-manage solutions allowing them to support their customers’ business growth while maximizing in-house resources. It’s difficult to locate and retain qualified and skilled security professionals. To reduce this reliance and overcome the challenges, MSPs seek out all-in-one, comprehensive security platforms that are simple to install and manage so they can focus on running their business.

Many MSP managers feel confident in protecting their customers’ devices and networks with only antivirus software and a physical firewall appliance. As IT services and sensitive business data move online and to the cloud, security solutions must adapt to meet client needs. Traditional solutions put MSP customers at risk of sophisticated security breaches. Legacy firewalls and data centers are inefficient and expensive to maintain. This outdated technology exposes the customers of MSPs to security vulnerabilities, including the risks associated with remote work. In today’s environment, yesterday’s network architecture is no longer viable. For complete security, MSPs and their customers require all-in-one security consisting of next-generation endpoint protection and cloud-based network security solutions.

By incorporating an all-in-one security platform, business perimeters are dissolved and customers are better protected. Traditional security platforms are limited to the data center and users outside the business perimeter are not protected from cyberattacks. With traditional security, it’s difficult to develop and maintain appliances from multiple security vendors and requires continuous patching, updates, and hardware upgrades. With an all-in-one security platform, appliances are phased out which simplifies offerings, reduces costs, and requires fewer resources. Traditional security platforms are hosted in a physical data center, which costs companies valuable working space and requires regular onsite visits, whereas an all-in-one security platform incurs no hardware-related fees, box installations, onsite visits, or refresh schedules. Everything can be managed on a single dashboard.

Companies using a traditional security platform need to expand to a new office which requires a new data center and huge upfront costs, however, an all-in-one security platform allows endless scalability with the latest features and endless users without breaking the bank. Scanning is limited with traditional security platforms because the appliances are unable to inspect encrypted SSL traffic. However, with an all-in-one security platform, it’s able to scan every incoming and outgoing traffic, including SSL and CDN. Traditional security platforms can be challenging because they’re managing multiple customers with disjointed and complex cybersecurity tools. Using an all-in-one security solution can consolidate point products in one platform which can manage and protect customers’ devices, applications, data, and networks.

MSPs need to provide customers with effective security, differentiate themselves from competitors, increase profitability, and provide customers with a multi-layered security approach.

With the threat landscape evolving rapidly, MSPs need a solution to keep up with their clients and sometimes MSPs can struggle with managing security for multiple customers with disjointed, complex solutions. Other business operations are moving to the moving and MSPs need cloud-based security for their clients. Having on-prem appliances is expensive for clients, difficult to scale, and requires enormous investment and maintenance. Utilizing an all-in-one solution allows MSPs to provide clients with layered security services needed, enhance customer experience and retention rate, and scale to support customers’ growing business needs. Additionally, all-in-one solutions provide visibility and management capabilities for multiple customers and their devices.

At SpearTip, our ShadowSpear Platform offers both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services, from cutting-edge technology to sales training, allowing MSP business to thrive. With Identify, ShadowSpear integrates with current security toolsets and correlates logs from various platforms, devices, and systems across IT environments. Neutralize modules offer advanced prevention technology providing exceptional defense for Windows, Linux, and MacOS endpoints against advanced threats. Additionally, Neutralize equips MSPs with next-gen antivirus and enterprise detection and response capabilities. With Counter, SpearTip’s Security Operations Centers can immediately react to malicious activity on an endpoint and counter any adversary.

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