Chris Swagler | August 11th, 2022

Threats to cybersecurity come in all shapes and sizes. A seemingly innocent email from a trusted, reliable coworker can hide dangerous viruses and other malware, including ransomware, or trigger a phishing attempt to compromise companies’ data. Clicking on bad links can have the same devastating impact. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are also at risk of being targets of cyberattacks, not just well-known brands. It’s no surprise that numerous SMBs have cybersecurity on their mind as a relevant study shows that 79% of respondents express concern about experiencing a cyberattack within the next 6 months. Even though SMBs want to protect themselves by partnering with strong cybersecurity companies, they face several key challenges:

This is where cybersecurity companies become a huge help in assisting MSPs and their clients with their IT and cybersecurity needs since Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have the IT infrastructure, staff, access to expertise, and industry knowledge. By partnering with a cybersecurity company to assist MSPs with IT and cybersecurity, SMBs can the necessary steps to protect themselves against threats.

MSPs need to make sure that their own business has cybersecurity on their mind before talking to their clients about it. Like any business, MSPs can be the target of cybersecurity threats. MSPs need to ensure that the cybersecurity company they partner with has the tools and processes to protect their IT systems. A good place to start when it comes to cybersecurity is with risk assessments like SpearTip’s advisory services that not only identify vulnerabilities but also offer pragmatic remediation steps to immediately improve their security posture. Using SpearTip’s pre-breach risk assessments services, MSPs will be more equipped to protect their business and serve their clients with cybersecurity risk assessments once they have a better understanding of their own risks. MSPs can also utilize SpearTip’s network vulnerability assessments as part of the risk management process to assure their devices and networks are not open to known vulnerabilities.

When SpearTip conducts cybersecurity risk assessments for partners, the reports are based on facts regarding their security environment. Certified engineers use clear, direct language, and never instill fear, uncertainty, or doubt. Cybersecurity threats are a reality when it comes to doing business and it can be scary to think about cybersecurity incidents that can impact MSPs’ business. Understanding their client’s unique risks, risk tolerance, and the most important protections available can help MSPs communicate clearly with clients across various industries with distinct challenges. For example, US-based healthcare providers are subject to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which introduces certain compliance needs and risks. Healthcare organizations are often targets for cyberattacks because they have a very specific risk profile compared to other clients.

When creating risk assessments, SpearTip examines the most urgent areas needed to secure the clients, including immediate protections and future technology requirements. SpearTip prioritizes the most critical protections first to help MSP clients plug the biggest gaps in their defenses for the short term and plan strategically for the long term. Our team uses clear steps, including a phased approach and advice on what to tackle first. Our plan of action involves the following recommendations, among others:

SpearTip’s recommendations vary dependent on MSPs clients’ relative maturity, risk profile, and knowledge. SpearTip offers clear steps on how clients can improve their security posture and how their MSP partners can help.

Risk assessments are a good place to start when talking about cybersecurity with clients. Even though SMBs are worried about cyber risks, many clients may not be fully aware of the risks to their company. SpearTip can perform assessments for clients, provide results in clear language, and offer recommendations to fix any identified gaps. With risk assessments, our engineers engage with MSP clients and provide key services, including threat detection and response, automated patch management, network monitoring, and backup recovery.

SpearTip strategically approaches cybersecurity so companies first understand their risks. By utilizing our risk assessment services, MSPs and their clients will be on the same page and develop a plan to improve their data network security posture. Our advisory services quickly identify the risks that matter in real-world attacks and examine MSPs’ entire security posture during our cybersecurity risk assessment. When our engineers engage MSPs’ cybersecurity posture, they identify the most critical resources and review the security improvements needed to continuously secure MSP clients’ data and defend against malicious threat actors.

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