Endpoint security should be top of mind for you right now more than ever. As your workforce may be completely or mostly remote, it is time to tackle this immediately. The cybersecurity industry has seen unpredictable cyberattacks recently and our security personnel do not expect the evolution of these attacks to cease. In fact, this week we learned of some organizations and businesses being targeted and ransomed twice within two weeks.

A situation like this can happen to your organization if you are not prepared. Your workforce may be vulnerable. Take the initiative to protect not only your employees, but your organization as a whole. It all starts with evaluating your endpoint security. Whether you have one million endpoints or one hundred, it is vital the count is always known and updated.

Cyberattacks are becoming more devious as threat actors adapt to evade general security tools. The TrickBot malware variant has been known to evade detection. There are more firmware directed attacks, while ransomware attacks are up as well.

Choosing to engage with a cybersecurity firm like SpearTip is highly encouraged to deal with these cyber threats. During the initial process of evaluating your organization’s endpoint security, ask yourself what vulnerabilities you may have inside your organization. These vulnerabilities can be difficult to resolve but can be mitigated by an endpoint security product. Overall endpoint security products can save you from experiencing a major data breach or severe business disruption.

Our endpoint detection and response tool, ShadowSpear®, has three modules to protect your organization. Identify provides enhanced visibility across your entire information security environment. Neutralize immediately equips an organization with next-gen antivirus detection and response (EDR) capabilities. Counter gives SpearTip’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and an internal team the ability to immediately react to malicious activity on an endpoint.

SpearTip has the services and resources you need to protect your organization from old and new threats. Start using our endpoint detection response tool, ShadowSpear®, with our certified cybersecurity engineers working in our 24/7 US based SOC.