The IT company employs 24,000 people globally and experienced technical issues for at least 25 customers in retail, service, and manufacturing industries. A ransomware attack is the cause for business disruption to their customers who have waited out their recovery efforts.

At this point in time, the company says no personal information has been exfiltrated or accessed. TietoEVRY issued a statement, “TietoEVRY takes this incident very seriously, and apologizes for the inconvenience this causes to our customers.”

No ransomware group has claimed responsibility for this attack yet, and it still in the early stages of investigation. TietoEVRY is not releasing more information until they find out more about the attack.

Although, TietoEVRY claims no information has been stolen, the business disruption caused is what organizations should look to in this situation. Even if threat actors do not exfiltrate information, organizations can still take a brutal hit by losing the ability to provide for their customers when internal systems and services are forced offline and operations are halted.

Another notable aspect of this attack is the fact TietoEVERY is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and is directly connected to global clients. Threat actors look to attack MSPs because they know their services connect them to many different victims. Instead of attacking one organization, they can attack many at once. This is why MSPs have been continually targeted recently.

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