According to BleepingComputer, Canadian undergraduate research university Lakehead has been dealing with a cyberattack that forced the institution earlier this week to cut off access to its servers. The school’s services, including its website, have been down since Tuesday, with personnel shutting down computers on the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses to stop the attack from spreading. In a communication on Thursday, Lakehead University provided some details about the attack saying that it was aimed at its file share servers. The school did not disclose the nature of the incident, though. Top Articles

“As soon as Lakehead’s Technology Services Centre (TSC) became aware of the potential threat to our servers, TSC removed all access to them,” the University said. An investigation is underway, trying to determine what servers and information have been impacted by the security incident. Until the assessment completes, “all information used and stored on our file share servers will be inaccessible, and on-campus computers will not be available for use.” The University recommends anyone that kept credential sets in documents on its file sharing system or on a campus office computer to change their passwords as a precaution.

Lakehead has not disclosed if this is a ransomware attack, but the evidence is pointing to it. Regardless, it’s important to note why university security is completely necessary. With thousands of students and their records on file, universities become a preferred target for threat actors. In addition to already being a target, remote access to online learning is still in place for most universities. With more devices connected to the internet, threat actors have multiple points of entry and a much better chance to infiltrate networks.

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