SpearTip | December 2nd, 2022

This past week saw a tremendous amount of ransomware attacks and data breaches as a result of deceptive threat tactics and lax cybersecurity. It’s imperative to remain vigilant in safeguarding your personal data anytime you venture online.

Canadian meat processor, Maple Leaf Foods, was victimized by the Black Basta ransomware group, which shut down various operations. Maple Leaf Foods’ leadership stated they will not pay the ransom demand.

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Southhampton County is the latest local government to suffer a ransomware attack. The cyberattack resulted in the encryption of sensitive personal data and the disruption of services.

Password manager service, LastPass, and its affiliate and former parent company, GoTo, experienced security breaches that utilized data stolen in a previous attack for access. LastPass’ ‘zero knowledge’ architecture limited data accessible by the threat actors.

Information from some 500 million WhatsApp users and 7 million Twitter users was stolen and listed for sale on the dark web following separate breaches of these social media platforms.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), a public research university and hospital based in New Delhi, suffered a large-scale breach due to gaps in its IT infrastructure. As a result, there has been a significant disruption to patient care.

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