SpearTip | December 9th, 2022

Within the volatile threat landscape, it’s necessary for every individual and business to enact robust cybersecurity practices in order to protect personal and business-critical data.

The Canadian branch of Amnesty International, A non-government organization (NGO) focused on combating global injustices, reported a cybersecurity breach perpetrated by Chinese state actors.

New York’s Metropolitan Opera had its box office, website, and other network services disrupted and shut down following a ransomware attack. The organization has indicated that all shows will proceed as scheduled.

Numerous healthcare providers were recently breached, resulting in service disruptions, sensitive data leaks, or settle class action lawsuits. A few of the impacted providers include Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, Sturdy Memorial (MA), and France’s André-Mignot.

Human resources and payroll services provider, Sequoia, reported a significant security breach in which threat actors accessed and exfiltrated highly sensitive and personal customer data.

Cloud service Managed Service Provider (MSP), Rackspace Technology, experienced a Hosted Exchange ransomware attack impacting numerous clients, including government services in Taylor County, Texas.

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