SpearTip | July 22nd, 2022

Ransomware knows no boundaries and spares no industry as the latest ‘Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up’ demonstrates.

Dubai-based Spinneys supermarket company was targeted by ransomware that impacted regional operations but did not access sensitive data. As this installment demonstrates ransomware operations are going after companies in a variety of industries all around the globe.

A Luxembourg global packaging supplier, Ardagh Glass, discloses that a ransomware attack exposed the sensitive data of over 5000 of its employees. Threat actors encrypted and leaked the data on the dark web with far-reaching ramifications.

Authorities in Colorado deepen their investigation into a ransomware attack against the city of Frederick. The LockBit ransomware group claimed responsibility for this latest attack against small towns and government operations.

Sensitive data including personal information was exfiltrated from Mainspring, a London-based specialized fund administrator. The extent of the damage, financial repercussions, and means of initial access is still being investigated.

Business operations of global building and construction materials producer, Knauf, were disrupted following a Black Basta ransomware attack. The vast majority of exfiltrated data has not been seen on the dark web potentially indicating ongoing ransom negotiations.

No matter what industry your company serves or where its operations are headquartered, there seems to be no reprieve from the ransomware threat landscape. As every day passes, it becomes increasingly important to harden your business-critical data against the predations of threat actors. Reach out to SpearTip to learn how we can defend you.

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