SpearTip | June 17th, 2022

This ‘Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up’ demonstrates, once again, that threat actors are working around the clock to disrupt the operations of businesses, schools, and government.

A ransomware attack perpetrated by the Vice Society Group against the city of Palermo, Italy, caused major service outages throughout the region. This event occurred on the heels of the pro-Russian ransomware group, Killnet, threatening an institutional attack against the entire nation.

In yet another ransomware attack against the educational sector, New Jersey’s Tenafly Public School District suffered a ransomware attack. The result was the forced cancellation of final exams and the potential exposure of sensitive student data.

A California-based environmental services enterprise, Montrose Environmental Group, is experiencing a ransomware attack that is disrupting laboratory testing. Though the extent of the breach is unclear, the company stated they believe the impact will be ‘limited’.

Africa’s largest supermarket chain, Shoprite Holdings, discloses a ransomware attack that compromised the personal data of its 149,000 employees. The RansomHouse threat group allegedly posted 600GB of stolen data to its extortion site in a bid to secure ransom payment.

Notorious ransomware group, Blackcat/ALPHV, claims responsibility for the breach of Newberg, Oregon’s The Allison Inn & Spa. Following the attack, Blackcat/ALPHV operators posted some details of the stolen data, including lists of individuals affected, on a public-facing, searchable website.

Ransomware attacks are showing no signs of slowing and, in fact, are becoming more brazen and sophisticated. Given this reality, it’s necessary for businesses to secure the sensitive data of their operations, employees, and customers against the predation of threat operators. To combat these malicious threat actors, SpearTip offers a three-pillar approach to cybersecurity: proactive risk assessments, active threat monitoring and remediation, and rapid incident response. Reach out to our team to learn how SpearTip can defend your business: https://www.speartip.com/contact-us/

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