SpearTip | March 3rd, 2023

Ransomware attacks continue to devastate businesses, critical infrastructure, and society generally. Given this challenging threat landscape, it is imperative for companies to enhance their security posture with a 24/7/365 SOC and fully managed threat remediation.

Multiple Pierce County, Washington, government agencies, including the transit system and the city of Lakewood, had sensitive data stolen following a ransomware attack.

A Boston-based labor union, Pipefitters Local 537, lost $6.4 million as a direct result of a cyberattack targeting its organizational health fund.

Dish Network is continuing to experience service disruptions following a ransomware attack that shut down its website and cut remote workers off from accessing systems.

Minneapolis Public Schools shut some of its schools following a ransomware attack that took most of its technology offline in what authorities called an ‘encryption event’.

The U.S. Marshals Service, a bureau under the Department of Justice, is investigating a ransomware attack and associated data theft that severely impacted its systems and security.

To see a more comprehensive list of cyberattacks from the past week, visit our LinkedIn page.

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