SpearTip | May 26th, 2023

Threat actors are hitting the landscape with consistent cyberattacks against entities of all sizes and industries. Here are just some of the cyber incidents of the last week.

A ransomware attack against a health insurance provider, Point32Health, caused a technical outage and resulted in the theft of sensitive patient data.

Debt collection agency NCB Management Service suffered a ransomware attack that exposed user financial data, including payment card numbers and security codes.

Third-party technology provider Carvin Software, which offers digital services to recruitment and financial agencies, had the data of 350,000 clients accessed by threat actors.

Vehicle manufacturer Suzuki was forced to halt its production of motorcycles at its India facility following a cyberattack and data breach.

Following an attack on a third-party vendor for Apria Healthcare, a home medical equipment delivery and support provider, 2 million clients had sensitive data stolen.

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