SpearTip | May 5th, 2023

The cyber threat landscape is increasingly challenging to navigate for entities in all industries and of all sizes. It’s critical to partner with a cybersecurity provider will the tools, services, and experience to prevent attacks from devastating your operations. These are a few examples from the past week of entities without an optimized security posture.

Following a ransomware attack against the IT systems of the city of Dallas (TX), numerous critical services, including court operations and 911 dispatch have been affected.

More than three million members of NationBenefits, a healthcare management solution, had sensitive medical information stolen during a cyberattack against its systems.

Carrington Mortgage Services had sensitive information about its clients leaked following a ransomware attack against a third-party management software vendor, Alvaria.

Numerous educational institutions, including Wichita State (KS), Bluefield University (VA), Rochester (MN) and Nashua (NJ) public schools were impacted by separate ransomware attacks.

Payment software provider, AvidXchange, suffered its second ransomware attack of the year, exposing critical personal data, including payroll and banking information.

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