SpearTip | May 6th, 2022

This latest installment of ‘Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up’ presents further evidence of the treacherous nature of the current threat landscape. Stay engaged with our latest threat intelligence to maintain an awareness of the most recent cyber threats.

After a ransomware attack infiltrated and shut down its network, Michigan’s Kellogg Community College re-opened and resumed classes. This continues the trend of threat actors heavily targeting the education sector.

Threat researchers identified a new AvosLocker ransomware variant capable of disabling antivirus monitors to evade detection. This particular variant takes advantage of unpatched security vulnerabilities, indicating the importance of maintaining updates.

Switzerland-based international freight and logistics company, M + R Spedag Group, was hit by the BlackByte ransomware group. Supply chain and logistics companies are increasingly attacked by ransomware as it creates global disruption.

Leading global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, Georgia-based AGCO, reported it was hit by ransomware that has disrupted production. This attack comes on the heels of the FBI’s warning about ransomware targeting the US agriculture sector during its peak seasons.

LockBit 2.0, a ransomware group with ties to Russia, claimed responsibility for an attack against the Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees. As the war in Ukraine continues, more state-sponsored attacks can be expected.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and expand, it is increasingly important to maintain vigilance and forge partnerships with cyber security operations like SpearTip capable of actively monitoring networks and remediating threats in real-time.

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