SpearTip | November 4th, 2022

Aurubis, one of the world’s largest copper smelters, suffered a ransomware attack that resulted in the layoff of numerous US-based employees. This attack was likely part of a wider targeting of the critical metals industry.

Regional healthcare provider, Michigan Medicine, disclosed a data breach that originated from a phishing scam. The result was the exposure and theft of the private health information of 34,000 patients.

A global leader in label printing and supplying, Multi-Color Corporation, experienced a ransomware attack. The result was an exposure of personal information, including sensitive employee health data.

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen, which creates aviation navigation software for its parent operations, had its services taken offline following a likely ransomware attack.

File-sharing and collaboration platform, Dropbox, suffered a data breach. Like most cyberattacks, it started with an employee-targeted phishing email and resulted in 130 GitHub repositories being exfiltrated.

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