SpearTip | September 23rd, 2022

Financial technology company, Revolut, suffered a ransomware attack exposing the personal information of some 50,000 users. As online banking and investing continue to grow, so will threat actors targeting the sensitive data held by financial operations.

The targeting of the education sector by threat actors continues to increase. Michigan’s South Redford School District canceled several days of classes due to the repercussions of a recent ransomware attack.

The parliamentary functions of Bosnia and Herzegovina were severely impacted after the government was hit by a ransomware attack. Email accounts and official documents have been inaccessible during the investigation.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) disclosed a Hive ransomware attack affected IT systems and website services. The company, which manages numerous horse tracks, including Belmont Park, indicated that member data was compromised.

Internal systems of the global ride-hailing company, Uber Technologies, were impacted following a cyber attack perpetrated by the Lapsus$ group. While the investigation is ongoing, early indicators are that user accounts were not accessed.

Given the challenging nature of the evolving threat landscape for individuals and businesses, it’s necessary to protect critical data from threat actors. This is best done by creating an incident response plan, partnering with a 24×7 SOC that actively monitors networks, and conducting regular risk assessments to limit vulnerabilities.

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