Chris Swagler | December 27th, 2021

Red Team Exercise

Every day around 30,000 websites are breached. The threat landscape is constantly evolving as threat actors routinely upgrade the sophistication and maliciousness of their attacks. With the destructive nature of cyberattacks, it is increasingly challenging to prepare for the inevitable cyber event. One way companies can strengthen their security posture is through training assessments known as Red Team Exercises.

A Red Team Exercise is a security awareness engagement in which trained cybersecurity professionals, the Red Team, simulate threat actors with the intention of gaining access to specific company assets. The exercises involve live testing of an environment to identify potential gaps in security controls. The Red Team aims to avoid detection and test the defensive readiness of the internal security team. The company is led by a Blue Team that’s responsible for protecting the targeted assets. Both the Red and Blue Teams act in real-time with aggressive tactics in an intense simulation of an actual threat event.

Conducting a Red Team Exercise is a proactive way to identify zero-day vulnerabilities and other security gaps in a company’s system: physical, hardware, software, and human error. Ultimately, the exercise will provide insights leading to remediation strategies for the uncovered security gaps. Furthermore, a Red Team will evaluate the full scope of a company’s policies, processes, and defenses to improve organizational readiness, enhance training for defensive practitioners, and inspect current performance levels. The engagement should be a true test of a company’s entire control set, not just an isolated system or to identify patch deficiencies. Red Team exercises help hone detective and protective controls along with security staff’s response skills. Companies that conduct Red Team exercises can identify the root causes of data breaches and core test cases.

The cost of a data breach far exceeds the price and education of a Red Team exercise employed by experts knowledgeable of the latest breach tactics. At SpearTip we organize a highly competent Red Team to provide an objective perspective and sophisticated adversary against your company’s defenses. The primary goal of our comprehensive and customized exercise is to challenge the strength of all aspects of your security posture.

Once the Red Team Exercise is completed, your leadership and IT staff will learn the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors to easily identify and defend against attacks on your network. With this evaluation, your company will be able to remediate security gaps and enhance overall security from personnel training to resource upgrades.

SpearTip’s Red Teams are staffed with cyber experts who are constantly triaging and responding to live threats inside environments. We understand the most successful attack techniques because we prevent them daily with our ShadowSpear Platform. All this intelligence is used to build highly effective assessments that go beyond immature trophy hunting and expose real opportunities for improvement. As threat actors spend their time organizing ways to devastate your business, SpearTip defends you.

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