Chris Swagler | May 9th, 2022

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are confronted by various advanced cyberthreats that previously targeted only the largest and most sophisticated companies. However, these smaller companies usually lack cybersecurity experts on their IT staff and the budget to fully secure their organization with an in-house security operation center. SMBs can’t quickly detect and respond to advanced threats without security operations capabilities, which leaves companies vulnerable to cyberattacks. When companies turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to manage their IT infrastructure and end-user systems remotely and proactively, they will gain a certain degree of protection.

Even though MSPs usually provide remote device configurations, network monitoring, and resell endpoint and perimeter defense, MSPs often do not focus on cyber threat hunting, forensics analysis, or actively mitigating ransomware. MSPs looking for new services and the ability to engage with new and existing partners should partner with a cybersecurity company with 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers. This allows the cybersecurity company to deliver rapid in-depth security services that focus on managed detection and response (MDR) and address the advanced cyberthreats impacting SMBs.

MSPs supply their clients’ in-house IT staff and provide remote IT management services using an annual subscription model. The most common IT managed services MSPs provide include software installation and support, user management and device management, data backup and recovery, data storage, and warehousing. When it comes to security services, MSPs are responsible for user provisioning and de-provisioning, password resets, remote configuration, and endpoint and perimeter defenses including antivirus, endpoint agents, network firewalls, and email or web gateways. Most MSPs don’t provide continuous network and system monitoring that can detect malicious activities.

Threat actors will attack MSPs and their clients overnight, on weekends, and during holidays when their defenses are most likely disengaged. SpearTip’s Security Operation Center assists MSPs 24x7x365 with continuous threat monitoring and instant access to our team of cyber counterintelligence experts. Our security engineers go beyond simple alerting by taking necessary action within environments. The ShadowSpear Platform delivers a cloud-based solution collecting endpoint logs regardless of the machine location. It detects sophisticated unknown and advanced threats with comprehensive insights through unparalleled data normalization and visualization. ShadowSpear uses detection engines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) models to detect malicious activities day one.

Identify provides turnkey access to an advanced data platform that collects, parses, normalizes, indexes, and analyzes technical data from across an IT environment. It allows a unified and integrated approach to security, providing actionable insights and advanced analytics by combining user, network, endpoint, and cloud behavior within one data lake. Robust integrations with major cloud platforms allow advanced insight into cloud tenants so ShadowSpear can assist MSPs in protecting their clients from unauthorized access and detect advanced threats targeting cloud workloads. Identify integrates with IT and security technology partners to allow the correlation of events from firewalls and network devices on a single pane of glass. The module allows MSPs and their clients to detect advanced and unknown threats. The interface provided a single pane of glass for all events with the ability to create custom dashboards, queries, and filters.

ShadowSpear Neutralize provides exceptional defense against the most advanced attacks on endpoints throughout an environment. It immediately prevents even the most intricate malware by using pre-execution blocking techniques and advanced network visibility. SpearTip’s fusion cell provides insights into global trends as the platform adapts automatically to emerging zero-day threats. By combining human-based threat research and threat intelligence feeds to provide critical context to advanced threats, Neutralize integrates with advanced indicators of compromise (IOCs). Neutralize blocks suspicious emails, malicious attachments, or links embedded with harmful content to prevent cyberattacks. By outmaneuvering malware developers and leveraging innovative protection techniques, it blocks never-before-seen attack types. Additionally, Neutralize gains insight into the malicious software behaviors with turnkey access to XDR and MITRE leverage for quick triage of events.

Counter, with advanced remote response capabilities, allows engagement of the adversary prior to network compromises. A robust interface is provided to remotely analyze endpoints to investigate potentially malicious activities regardless of where the endpoint is located. By leveraging Counter, SpearTip’s Security Operations Center team responds immediately and remediates malware detected within the monitored environments. By utilizing advanced remote response capabilities, Counter module allows the engagement of the adversary before the compromise. The advanced orchestration interface allows MSPs and their clients to automate specific integrations between their hosts and other relevant security systems, including vulnerability scanning software. SpearTip’s SOC, with prebuilt response actions, combines data and workflows to respond automatically to elevated attacks in environments, reducing response times and speeding up investigations.

SpearTip offers cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel dedicated to assisting MSPs in protecting their clients from malicious activities 24/7/365. SpearTip’s SOC team continuously monitors partners’ networks to identify, neutralize, and counter any irregular activities before they turn into devastating events. With the threat landscape expanding and evolving, so do the demands of our Security Operations Center. Our SOC is staffed 24/7/365 with a cohesive and complete team bringing years of experience identifying, neutralizing, and countering the latest and most sophisticated threats, including ransomware. If MSPs and their clients are experiencing active breaches or need technical answers to difficult questions, SpearTip’s team is available, both remotely and on-site, to resolve their situations.

If your company is experiencing a breach, call our Security Operations Centers at 833.997.7327 to speak directly with an engineer.