Invest in EDRSmall and mid-size businesses have relied on their endpoint protection platform (EPP) to protect themselves against a wide variety of cyber threats. However, with cybercriminals developing new tactics and techniques that can bypass the EPP, companies should consider upgrading their defenses to endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions to protect against threats.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a proactive solution to security that monitors endpoints on a company’s desktops, laptops, and mobile devices in real time and hunts threats infiltrating their network. This security solution stores and records endpoint system-level behaviors, blocks malicious activities, provides contextual information, identifies and detects unwanted suspicious system behavior using different data analytics, and restores all affected systems by offering remedial measures. EDR is an emerging technology offering greater visibility into what’s happening on endpoints and providing detailed information on attacks. Additionally, EDR allows companies to know when attackers are in their networks and responds to incidents quickly when an attack pattern is detected.

Having an endpoint detection and response tool, like SpearTip’s ShadowSpear, is important as most companies find it increasingly difficult to protect their numerous endpoints from advanced attacks. According to an International Data Corporation report, 70% of successful breaches begin on endpoint devices. Many of these attacks result in reputation loss or financial ruin. Customer information and network security must be protected; however, most small and mid-sized companies lack the resources for 24/7 monitoring from a security operations center (SOC), which makes preventing an attack difficult. ShadowSpear deployment is supported globally by SOCs that are continuously staffed by certified engineers, making it an unparalleled defense against threat actors. EDR tools, like ShadowSpear, provide a wide variety of benefits to companies of any size when implemented correctly.

  1. Deep and Wide Visibility

    Visibility is a key component of all EDR solutions, both deep and wide. Deep visibility means examining the inner workings of the endpoint and inspecting the relationships between processes, network connections, and user behavior. Centralized EDR means having a wider view of the company’s security posture and detecting patterns across thousands of endpoints.

  2. Detection of Advanced Threats

    Capable EDR tools are able to detect vulnerabilities including zero-day attacks, insider threats, and sophisticated malware campaigns that might have gone undetected by other processes.

  3. Simplified Incident Response

    Detailed information collected by EDR solutions can simplify response and remediation activities after a breach. Previously, an incident responder would spend a significant amount of time gathering artifacts from numerous endpoints to generate a larger pool of evidence. As part of its normal operations, EDR collects and stores these artifacts. Additionally, a more complex image of a security incident is available with centralized EDR consoles and longer data retention periods.

  4. Automation and Integration

    EDR products include robust automation capabilities and custom integration is possible through an application programming interface (API). Additionally, investigation or response activities can be initiated rapidly at scale with EDR agents installed on all company endpoints.

  5. More Cost-efficient

    EDR enables companies to invest in data security in a way that is feasible for a small to mid-sized team instead of hiring a 24/7 in-house security team or risking a large-scale attack.

  6. Save Time

    EDR allows analysts to spend more time investigating real threats and less time on false positives.

  7. Increased Team Efficiency

    EDR correlates data points into a single account. Analysts save tremendous amounts of time and overhead as they avoid sorting through alerts and comparing them to other data points. This enables the team to process more data more efficiently while also protecting the organization.

These EDR benefits will increase awareness, provide detailed information on the network’s security monitoring, and reduce the remediation time by performing manual interactions and automating remediation simultaneously across the entirety of network endpoints.

With the risk of potential threats increasing regularly, it’s crucial for companies to stay current with the latest threat landscape and improve overall network security posture. Investing in an endpoint detection and response tool is a beneficial solution in protecting your valuable data from threat actors and ransomware. SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform, a great endpoint detection and response tool, will identify, neutralize, and counter any threats and defend your environment. ShadowSpear is an unparalleled resource that optimizes visibility without intensive and overbearing resource requirements and enhances the cyber posture of any company. ShadowSpear is augmented by 24/7/365 monitoring by engineers in SpearTip’s SOCs, demonstrating how SpearTip defends you.

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