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Security Architecture Review

Ensure Data Protection, Limit Downtime and Reputation Damage

A security architecture review​ is a review of current people, policies, and technology to obtain a solid understanding of a client’s security stack and architecture, including how they are utilized. We assess the overall maturity level of your security and align the IT and cybersecurity strategy to match your business strategy. We go beyond a simple compliance check and dig into your technology stack to expose weak spots.

SpearTip engages your organization’s people, processes, and technology to truly measure the maturity of the security environment. SpearTip’s extensive experience gained through responding to tens of thousands of security incidents and our consulting team’s depth of knowledge in researching the most modern security practices will improve your organization’s operational, procedural, and technical control gaps based on security standards.

Project Workflow

Phase 1 | Discovery

SpearTip collects key information related to the engagement.

Phase 2 | Initial Analysis

SpearTip reviews the information collected during discovery to develop interview questions and request additional documentation.

Phase 3 | Interviews

SpearTip meets with key individuals inside the organization. Interviews allow SpearTip to both collect new information and validate information already collected.

Phase 4 | Main Analysis

SpearTip analyzes collected documents, data, interview results, and all other information and begins to formulate findings and opinions.

Phase 5 | Follow-Up

SpearTip clarifies received information and analysis to prepare for the final preparation of the deliverables.

Phase 6 | Deliverables

Finalized deliverables are presented to and reviewed with the client.

Phase 7 | Feedback

The client provides feedback and ask questions about the deliverables and findings of the engagement.

Assessment Objectives

Enhance overall security maturity level

Gap identification between current state to other similar organizations

Alignment of IT security strategy to overall business strategy

Recommendations for attaining desired security maturity level

Evaluation of operational, technical, or procedural controls

Security roadmap development based on criticality of deficient security controls

The Importance of Security Architecture Review

A Security Architecture Review aims to identify potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in the security architecture. Here are some benefits of conducting a Security Architecture Review:

  • Identifying Security Risks: The review helps in identifying security risks and vulnerabilities in the organization’s systems, applications, and processes. This proactive approach enables the organization to address potential threats before they are exploited by attackers.
  • Improving Security Posture: By understanding the weaknesses and gaps in the existing security architecture, the organization can take appropriate measures to enhance its security posture. This may involve implementing new security controls, updating policies, or strengthening existing security measures.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: Security Architecture Reviews help ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and government regulations. It assists organizations in aligning their security practices with the necessary requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
  • Boosting Stakeholder Confidence: A thorough Security Architecture Review demonstrates the organization’s commitment to security and risk management. This can instill confidence in stakeholders and customers, potentially leading to increased business opportunities and alliances.
  • Preventing Data Breaches and Financial Losses: By addressing security vulnerabilities, organizations can minimize the risk of data breaches and financial losses associated with cyberattacks. This is particularly crucial given the rising costs of data breaches and the potential damage to an organization’s reputation.

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