Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is essential to protecting your organization in order to prevent the most advanced types of malware that have the capabilities to avoid existing security controls. Cyber criminals have now figured out that by using fileless malware current security tools can be circumvented, and networks can still be infected even with these tools in place.


Advanced Malware Protection is absolutely necessary in order to prevent ransomware attacks and other types of trojans that can steal information and exfiltrate data. Malware can sit in the environment for months going unnoticed even with Anti-Virus and IDS/IPS control systems. Advanced Malware Protection has the capability to actively prevent memory injections and stop ransomware encryption processes, which normal security tools cannot do. In order to verify that your environment is 100% secure, an AMP tool must be put into place, as this is the future of security tools.

What is Advanced Malware?

Advanced malware has the ability to circumvent normal security tools such as Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems. It does this by utilizing methods that these security tools cannot detect, such as malicious macro-enabled Word documents and other types of fileless malware.


Anti-Virus and the security tools above use file scanning, heuristic and hash-based detection methods in order to prevent malware from executing. Advanced malware doesn’t come in via file downloads. Advanced malware injects into memory in order to obfuscate itself throughout the system and maintain persistence. Advanced malware utilizes methods that are deemed normal activity that would be performed by users on a regular basis.

How SpearTip’s Advanced Malware Protection Helps You

SpearTip’s platform, ShadowSpear, is built specifically to prevent Advanced Malware. ShadowSpear contains an endpoint detection and response tool, commonly known as an EDR tool. ShadowSpear works by sitting in memory and actively preventing memory injections, as they occur. ShadowSpear prevents Advanced Malware from executing. As with all malware, it has to inject into memory in order to execute. ShadowSpear blocks these memory injections 100% of the time regardless of the method utilized by the cybercriminal.

Detect & Identify Malware

SpearTip knows that a tool is only as good as the experts behind it. SpearTip’s 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provides full coverage in the detection of malware. ShadowSpear blocks the program from executing and immediately sends an alert to the SOC where experts verify whether it’s a true positive or a false positive. True positive being that it was blocked and is deemed malicious. A false positive being that it was blocked but is deemed as legitimate activity.

Contain the Outbreak

ShadowSpear and other types of Advanced Malware Protection will actively prevent a ransomware infection or stop any other malware that is infecting an environment. For example, if a company is being actively encrypted by ransomware, ShadowSpear can be deployed across the company’s computers and will immediately prevent this encryption from occurring. Not only will it kill the ransomware process, but it will also prevent any chances of re-encryption/reinfection as long as ShadowSpear is enabled on the machine.

Remove the Threat

ShadowSpear will soon have the capability of Real Time Response, being able to actively remote into the machine, grab the malicious file or contain the computer. Remove the threat from the network so the malware cannot spread.