Cyber Threat Hunting Solutions

Stop potential cyberattacks before they disrupt business operations. A professional cyber threat hunting team uses stealthy techniques to outmaneuver polymorphic malware and decrease dwell time. With a diverse background of systems, administration and programming, the professional cyber threat hunters at SpearTip prevent evolving attack vectors.

By uncovering these malicious attacks ahead of time, your business will not experience downtime, which allows you to continue to run without interruption. Our cyber threat hunting solutions prevent damages to an environment and saves an entire business from loss. Professional cyber threat hunting saves brands’ reputation from becoming known to have had a data breach or ransomware attack in their environment.

What is Cyber Threat Hunting?

Cyber threat hunting is the act of proactively hunting for malicious activity in an environment. Cyber threat hunters analyze the environment for unusual activity. Hunting is not only done by utilizing a tool, but also with human intelligence. Human intelligence is key to hunting for cybersecurity threats effectively. Security professionals isolate and neutralize potential threats before they become detrimental to an environment. With continuous investigations for threats hiding in cluttered environments, professional security breach hunters can collect data and trends to eliminate vulnerabilities and make future predictions of potential threats. Hunters gather information about adversaries’ behavior types, goals, and methods of pursuing such a threat or threats in a cybersecurity environment.

Our Approach to Cyber Threat Hunting

Our engineers hunt and identify zero-day malware such as kernel level rootkits and other advanced persistent threats running in the environment, along with adware and other potentially unwanted programs. The analysis and monitoring efforts enable our security operations center to respond to advanced malware threats immediately that may otherwise go undetected.


SpearTip monitors and analyzes our clients’ systems to determine if any malware can be located within the active memory of these systems, or through unusual system actions, such as high cpu usage. We also conduct live memory and disk analysis when necessary. Our malware analysis is a critical step in determining the effectiveness of security measures and to determine the overall “health” of a technical environment and prevent future breaches. This behavioral-based analysis goes beyond what a traditional, signature-based, anti-virus scan could ever detect.

Cyber Threat Hunting Experts

Common at-risk data points include databases that host confidential information. The most common databases are those in the finance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and legal industry. These are popular industries for cyber threats due to the information they entail about individuals or companies. The databases often hold credit card information, addresses, social security numbers and more personal information.

Mitigate Cyber Threats

Our in-depth experience and highly-trained team can assess and neutralize the cyber threats to an organization, whether they be internal or external. We are quick to halt and mitigate the effects of advance persistent threats, malware, various botnets, denial of service, and network worms. Our Security Operations Center works around the clock to catch cyber threats and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Assess the Damage

We comb through every piece of evidence, including every device and hardware associated with the environment. We discuss the project plan, clarify issues identified, and coordinate information collection. Then, we identify the timeline of events, interview pertinent individuals, conduct forensic imaging, and ensure all aspects of the analysis are thoroughly documented and maintained.

Get Justice

Our expertise helps counsel win cases because our expert witnesses are expertly trained to provide compelling, convincing testimonies. We don’t use big words or phrases that will confuse the judge and jury. We are simple and to the point when we explain complex cybersecurity information. Our experience in the courtroom is unbeatable.