Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise

It is not a matter of if, but when, a cybersecurity attack will happen. If your organization doesn’t have a cybersecurity plan, create one now. It is crucial for your organization and leaders to understand exactly what to do in a cyberattack. Every second counts, and the speed of response matters. Your cybersecurity plan will minimize your risk of damages due to loss of data and business disruption.


A cybersecurity tabletop exercise will prepare your organization for any cyberattack. It clearly identifies vulnerabilities and whom is responsible in a cyberattack situation. Learn more about SpearTip’s tabletop exercise process and how it can help your organization be prepared.

What is a Tabletop Exercise for Incident Response?


During the Incident Readiness Assessment, SpearTip will review your organization’s incident response policy and incident handling procedures. SpearTip will leverage its experience and knowledge gained from responding to thousands of major security incidents and breaches to help strengthen your organization’s ability to prevent today’s most sophisticated attacks.


The goal of the Incident Readiness Assessment is to identify both strengths and weaknesses within the current cybersecurity program and ensure a smooth retainer activation in the event of a major cyber incident. Actionable recommendations will be made in the final deliverable that will serve as a roadmap to a more secure, prepared environment.

Our Approach to Tabletop Exercises


SpearTip’s tabletop exercises provide your organization a mechanism to obtain sensitive “lessons learned” from SpearTip’s previous casework in a scenario-driven environment. SpearTip’s real-world cyber investigations address the most advanced threats organizations face on a daily basis.


During the cybersecurity tabletop exercise, SpearTip will provide insight into the selected scenario to be tested, define the tasks and conditions for success, and talk through the problem-set. SpearTip utilizes real-world scenarios our team has been involved in and will provide your organization with a proposed scenario to be approved before the actual tabletop sessions.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises

SpearTip will host two tabletop exercise sessions over the course of a day. One session is designed for executive attendees and the other is for line-level technical team members.

Throughout the duration of the tabletop exercise, participants will leverage current processes, policies and procedures to evaluate the team’s overall preparedness and help your team properly prepare your incident response plan.

Evaluate Incident Response Preparedness

The purpose of an incident response preparedness exercise is to identify both strengths and weaknesses within the current cybersecurity program and ensure smooth plan activation in the event of a major cyberattack. An established cybersecurity plan will help to minimize business disruption to your organization in the event a breach occurs.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

SpearTip collaborates with team members to review the cybersecurity program, incident handling procedures and current legal and insurance resources to ensure they are sufficient to meet changes within the cybersecurity insurance industry. We also ensure that the right players are identified both within, and outside the organization and everyone clearly understands their role should a breach occur.

Increase Positive Outcomes

A tabletop exercise reduces your organization’s risk of falling victim to a cybersecurity attack. It increases positive outcomes by clearly identifying your organization’s vulnerabilities, establishing responsibility and creating a concrete plan of action. When everyone knows exactly what they need to do, there will be less time wondering what to do and more time doing it.