Data Breach Investigation


Get back up and running in record time following a serious breach when you choose SpearTip to handle your cyber Incident Response. We know that cyber incidents don’t just happen during regular business hours. That’s why our onsite Security Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, working in a continuous investigative cycle, ready to respond to events at a moment’s notice.


Our cyber incident response solutions work quickly and effectively to keep your organization safe. Within minutes of engagement, SpearTip is able to respond to the breach and, in a matter of hours, reclaim the network. When you partner with SpearTip, we work harder than anyone to protect your trade secrets and sensitive data.

Unmatched Cybersecurity Incident Response Times

An attack on your organization’s network and system requires a swift response to mitigate the damage. Our unique approach to cyber Incident Response is proven to be unmatched by the rest of the industry.


With our 24/7 Security Operations center, we can respond to cybersecurity incidents within 15 minutes and reclaim the network within six hours. Typically, we can restore full operations within thirty-six hours.

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What Our Partners Say About Our Data Breach Response Services

"I look forward to the continued partnership between the Village and SpearTip. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am that we were brought to your doorstep during such an unsettling time. Throughout the entire ordeal we worked with such talented individuals to provide us guidance and voices of reason. While I’m glad you have a job, I still find it unbelievable that there is such a need for such a service."

- Denyse Carreras, Director of Human Resources, Village of Park Forest

Incident Response Solutions

There are many different types of cybersecurity incidents, and each one requires a specific response. SpearTip has cyber Incident Response solutions for every security event from financial crimes and intellectual property theft to insider threats and ransomware attacks. With specialized response methods, combined with our experienced team of operatives, we can be an unbeatable security asset for your organization.


There’s nothing worse than having your business shut down and being held hostage by a cybercriminal. If you’re hit with ransomware, our team of elite cyber operatives will act swiftly and effectively to mitigate the threat, restore order and get you up and running without paying a dime to the criminals.

Intellectual Property

If your IP, trade secrets and most sensitive data have been compromised during a cybersecurity incident, your entire future is at risk. We’ll use every tool and trick in our arsenal to retrieve what’s been stolen, help shut down any illegal use or transfers and secure your systems from further risk.

Financial Crimes

We excel where others fail when it comes to financial crimes. We take swift action and move quickly during the cyber Incident Response, focusing first on recovery to minimize loss. Once your assets are in-hand, we’ll work with law enforcement to hunt down the criminals and bring them to justice.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information theft can be especially damaging to your organization. When personal information is improperly accessed or stolen, your brand, your reputation, your finances and your future could disappear in a flash. We’ll work to restore normalcy, address your compliance issues and help keep you out of the headlines.

Destructive Attacks

Often called “acts of cyber vandalism,” these deadly cyberattacks are meant to do nothing more than destroy and disrupt your organization from the inside out. Our cyber Incident Response operatives know how to stop these attacks, search out backups the “vandals” often miss and safeguard you from future destructive attacks.

Insider Threats

Insider threats pose the greatest cybersecurity risk to your organization. They pose as trusted employees, reliable vendors and hardworking contractors, who then stab you in the back and do serious harm. We’re adept at catching these criminals and reversing the damage they’ve done through our superior cyber Incident Response protocol.

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What to Do When a Cyber Security Incident Occurs

If you are in the middle of a cybersecurity incident, it is important to remain calm. It is an understandable instinct to shut down everything and not tell anyone what is happening.

However, that can lead to even more problems. It’s crucial that you call in an experienced team to handle the situation. Cybersecurity incidents are not something that your typical IT team can deal with effectively.

While this checklist for cybersecurity responses is far from all-inclusive, it’s meant as an idea starter for your company and your cybersecurity team. Below are a few critical measures to consider, should you discover or seriously suspect a breach.

  • DON’T power down
  • Call in the professionals
  • Have a strict chain of custody
  • Treat the breach like a communicable disease
  • Establish a checklist and audit often
  • Know who to tell and when to tell them
  • Understand that a breach affects more than your organization



If you are experiencing a breach,

call our response hotline.