Ransomware Negotiation and Payment

Ransom Settlement

SpearTip views ransom settlements as a final choice to recover data. We always want to exhaust every possible option of data recovery. When those options are exhausted, SpearTip assists in ransom settlements to focus on your business needs.

In some cases, threat actors will hold your data for ransom, and we’ve seen them publish it to online forums as a way to extort their victims. All of this can be overwhelming, and that’s when we step in to take over negotiations.

Data Recovery Score

The decision to engage with a threat actor can be challenging. SpearTip uses proven intelligence to provide a Data Recovery Score giving your team the likelihood of data able to be recovered.

We make an initial effort to recover any data we possibly can and determine what to do next based on your recovery score.

Threat Actor Negotiation

SpearTip handles all threat actor negotiations so your team can focus on recovering your business. This allows our team to securely communicate with the threat actor and get your data decrypted as soon as possible.

Conversing with a threat actor is not always easy, so we use our experience and expertise to safely negotiate and ensure the currency exchanged is not used maliciously.

If you are experiencing a breach,

call our Incident Response hotline.