Digital Forensics

We help our clients leverage the power of digital forensics and cyber counterintelligence. We start with proper gathering, handling and cataloging of information. Then comes discovery, deep forensic analysis, reconstruction, courtroom strategy and more. Followed by crucial expert testimony presented in easy-to-understand language. We excel where other companies fail, giving you the best chance of winning in the courtroom.

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Expert Testimony Without The Geek Speak.

What do you call an expert witness who lacks the ability to communicate effectively with judge, jury and courtroom? The answer: A Liability. At SpearTip, we help counsel win cases because our expert witnesses are expertly trained. When we’re on the stand, we provide compelling, convincing testimony using easy-to-grasp concepts and simple sentences. It’s the difference between winning and losing.

Digital Forensics Services.

No one outperforms us in the courtroom. But what really separates us from the pack is our attention to detail and skill during the pre-trial phase of every case. Everything we do is done by the book with flawless execution in conjunction with legal counsel.

Data Breach Response

We’ll dive deep into your networks and systems to determine how and when data was breached. Understanding the scope of the attack is critical to understanding the severity of the breach. We’ll provide you with concrete answers to tough questions, so you can your legal team can make intelligent decisions.

Computer & Mobile Forensics

When a legal issue arises, we comb through every device and piece of hardware associated with your organization. We dig deep to find the artifacts others miss. Our process paints the full picture of events and data.

Cloud Forensics

With cloud technology common in business today, cloud investigations pose unique challenges to examiners. Our team excels at collecting artifacts from cloud devices and stands at the forefront of this rapidly changing discipline.

Business Email Compromise

Failure to properly investigate an email compromise can cause your company substantial damage both financially and to your reputation. We’ll help you understand the scope of the compromise, analyze the malicious activity and prevent future incidents.

Expert Testimony

Our testimony skills are second to none. We paint pictures with words, reducing complex topics into the most understandable of terms. Our examiners are experienced on the stand and can help you make your case.

Why You Should Choose SpearTip For Digital Forensics

  • Our experts talk “with” juries and judges, not “to” them, creating credibility, trust and likeability.
  • We work “with” council, creating a team environment focused on common goals.
  • SpearTip’s discovery, evidence gathering and reporting techniques provide you with airtight, by-the-book information critical to winning cases.
  • We aren’t order takers. Our experts will bring valuable information and insights to the table in a proactive fashion.
  • Approaching cases from multiple points of view gives you strategic weapons your competition won’t expect.