Incident Response

If you’re under attack, call us. If you’ve discovered you’ve been breached, call us. If you’ve been hit with ransomware, don’t give the criminals a dime — call us from a secure line. Or if you suspect, or worse yet know, an insider is stealing assets from you, call us. Our Incident Response Services take attacks against our clients personally. We’ll stop at nothing to end the threat and bring clarity to the chaos caused by your adversary.

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We are relentless in our response to these threats.

When you have an emergency, your emergency is the only thing that matters. At SpearTip, incident response engagements represent the ultimate measure of our skills. It’s the pinnacle of our craft. There’s nothing more satisfying than responding to a breach, crushing the threat and helping restore life to normal. If you’re experiencing an incident now, call us. Don’t wait. Every second you lose could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars.


Incident Response Solutions

“Incident” is nothing more than a polite societal term for criminal action. When cyber criminals attack, we’ll shut them down, hunt them down, restore normalcy to your office and work to recover assets. We’ve been told this is a “gunslinger’s mentality” and we’re just fine with that. Here’s where we excel:

Intellectual Property

If your IP, trade secrets and most sensitive data have been compromised, your entire future is at risk. We’ll use every tool and trick in our arsenal to retrieve what’s been stolen, help shut down any illegal use or transfers and secure your systems from further risk.

Financial Crimes

We excel where others fail when it comes to financial crimes. We take swift action and move quickly, focusing first on recovery to minimize loss. Once your assets are in-hand, we’ll work with law enforcement to hunt down the criminals and bring them to justice.

Personally Identifiable Information

When personal information is improperly accessed or stolen, your brand, your reputation, your finances and your future could disappear in a flash. We’ll work to restore normalcy, address your compliance issues and help keep you out of the headlines.

Destructive Attacks

Often called “acts of cyber vandalism,” these deadly attacks are meant to do nothing more than destroy and disrupt. Our operatives know how to stop these attacks, search out backups the “vandals” often miss and safeguard you from future attacks.

Insider Threats

Insider threats pose the greatest risk to your organization. They pose as trusted employees, reliable vendors and hardworking contractors, who then stab you in the back and do harm. We’re adept at catching these criminals and reversing the damage they’ve done.


There’s nothing worse than having your business shut down and being held hostage by a cybercriminal. If you’re hit with ransomware, we’ll act swiftly and effectively to mitigate the threat, restore order and get you up and running without paying a dime to the criminals.

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Incident Response Checklist

While this checklist is far from all-inclusive, it’s meant as an idea starter for your company and your cybersecurity team. Below are a few critical measures to consider, should you discover or seriously suspect a breach.

  • DON’T power down
  • Call in the professionals
  • Have a strict chain of custody
  • Treat the breach like a communicable disease
  • Make a list and check it twice
  • Know who to tell and when to tell them
  • Call in the “spin doctors”
  • Understand that a breach effects more than your organization