Incident Response

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Investigation Process

SpearTip experts take the time to deeply investigate data after incidents occur. We focus on making sure any malware or malicious activity is contained and neutralized.

Data Analysis

We answer any questions through our research: who targeted your organization and their motives, how and when they entered your environment, and what you need to do as we primarily aim to have focus on your recovery. After this initial step in the investigation process, remediation begins until your business has fully recovered.

Data Security

As threat actors become better equipped for ransomware attack fallout, encryption often occurs. Our professionals utilize digital forensic analysis to see if your data is encrypted.

Business Recovery

With our specialized remediation team, we assist our partners in getting systems and networks back and running at full capacity.

Certified Engineers

Our highly skilled engineers work around the clock, 24/7, to respond to incidents and provide immediate remediation efforts.

Threat Actor Negotiation

We communicate with threat actors, negotiate payments, and ensure they safely transfer.

Decryption Key Retrieval

We obtain the decryption key and confirm it works for your data before making a ransom payment.

Currency Exchange

Experts exchange currency with threat actors to complete the negotiation process and begin remediation as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a breach,

call our response hotline.