IT Remediation

How It Works

Our trained security professionals have the knowledge and expertise to be able to implement useful resources and action into the Incident Response cycle. We use industry experience in response cases to provide an explanation for our partners to be able to defend the next time an attack happens.

We collect all available information about an incident, focus on complete containment, and implement techniques to remediate networks and systems to the best of our ability. After a plan has been executed, an overall assessment with security advice can be provided.

Data Recovery

IT Remediation

Decryption Support

Backup Restoration

Data Recovery and Decryption Support

Our remediation experts entire focus is on getting your business back up and running. Our teams take back your network and immediately begin recovery of crucial assets your business needs to operate.

If threat actors decide to request a ransom payment for your data, we do everything we can to avoid paying. If paying a threat actor is required for the safety of your data, we will take over all negotiations and communication, and ensure the keys we obtain work before ever exchanging currency.

Business Recovery

Our remediation and recovery services assist victims in getting their IT operations back up and running as quickly as possible while focusing on minimizing business disruption. With highly technical and qualified engineers, SpearTip uses all resources to ensure your business is up and running overnight.

SpearTip explores every possible avenue before decryption must occur, but in the event a decryptor is purchased, our team is available for decryption support.

Incident Response Services


If you are experiencing a breach,

call our Incident Response hotline.