Advanced Managed Detection & Response with ShadowSpear®

The ShadowSpear® Platform

Our proprietary ShadowSpear® Platform is an unparalleled resource that helps identify and block different types of threats and attacks very early in the process. The platform was first developed in 2015 and has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems across the globe, protecting businesses of all sizes from devastating cyber attacks.


When you hire SpearTip, you’re engaging a world-class team of certified professionals focused on keeping your information safe, so you can meet your goals and operate without dangerous interruption. Our team will keep threats out of your networks before they become breaches, sniff out corrupt insiders working against you, and stop zero-day malware before it wreaks havoc so your team can carry on as usual.


SpearTip’s proactive cybersecurity services help protect your organization’s information from falling into the wrong hands. Take crucial steps to protect your systems against criminals who want to do you harm with our industry-leading managed detection and response services.

ShadowSpear® Platform Services

The advanced malware prevention methods and advanced threat response of our managed detection and response services keep you informed of all cybersecurity activity as well as keep it from penetrating your environment. Our ShadowSpear Platform is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and was developed to be lightweight, stable and able to be deployed quickly and easily within environments of any size. This versatility results in a lower risk of downtime for computer systems and ensures no contribution to network congestion.

The platform includes full enterprise detection and response visibility, cloud security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities and cutting-edge prevention technology. Learn more below and contact SpearTip to see how we customize our solutions to meet your needs.

ShadowSpear® Dashboard

Our user-friendly, interactive dashboard allows organizations to view all cyber alerts and detected threats in real time, as well as report new event and keep track of their status and details. Plus, we provide monthly reports for compliance and corporate communications.

Innovative Prevention Technology

Key capabilities include evasive behavior prevention, memory protection, malicious file prevention, ransomware protection and malware vaccinations.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Key capabilities include real-time Dark Web monitoring, proprietary collection efforts correlated with industry feeds, enhanced threat reporting and Zero-day threat hunting.

Advanced Cloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our SIEM collects the logs that matter in your environment to reduce false positives. It provides a track record of activity in the IT environment and reports on security-related incidents like failed logins and malware activity and then sends alerts if the activity is different than predetermined rules.

User Behavior Monitoring

Key capabilities include business email compromise prevention, insider threat detection, compromised credential monitoring and privilege escalation detection.

Vulnerability Management

Key capabilities include full Qualys integration, on-demand scanning, vulnerability prioritization enhanced with threat intelligence, optional PCI ASV scanning and inventory management.

Analyst Driven Detection

Key capabilities include human driven threat hunting, managed incident handling, true/false positive validation, malware remediation, security event Second Look and continuous improvement and tuning.

24/7/365 Security Operations

Our advanced technology is completely managed by our onsite SOC which is always accessible by phone, day or night, and able to immediately assist.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

If you have an elite level CISO at your organization, we can provide an often-needed collaborative voice for your cybersecurity efforts. If you don’t, our virtual CISO (vCISO) can help guide your security efforts at a fraction of a CISO’s salary, but with the same top-tier results and protection standards.

What Our Partners Are Saying About Our MDR Services

"As a nonprofit behavioral health organization, we are a prime target for PHI predators. Our partnership with SpearTip has augmented our existing cybersecurity framework by making use of their 24/7 network monitoring. This gives us the peace of mind needed to focus on quality care for our clients."

Lonnie Johnson, Chief Information Officer, KVC Health Systems

"Rx Outreach first engaged with SpearTip in 2013, after having some stations compromised. We were looking for an all-encompassing solution to fully protect us and prevent any future attacks. We have the full ShadowSpear Platform currently installed and can proudly say that we have not had any issues since it was deployed. We also have much more visibility into what is going on inside our networks. Our partnership with SpearTip truly helps us feel at ease, knowing we are protected."

Saulo Mendez, Director of Information Technology, Rx OutReach
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Our State-of-the-Art Security Operations Center (SOC) Gives You The Power To Fight Back

Cybersecurity threats don’t have off-hours, so neither do we. Our team of cybersecurity professionals is available around the clock in our security operations center (SOC) so we can respond quickly to any threat against your organization.

SpearTip’s SOC lets you deliver a swift deathblow to cyber threats. Staffed by our elite, fully-certified team of operatives and armed with the most advanced technology and equipment, our SOC gives you a cyber counterintelligence fighting force that would take years to build internally.

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with our SOC is that you will now you have the best team available protecting your information without the high costs of managing the team yourself. With our 24/7 service, we can respond faster and more effectively, even if the attack happens overnight or on a weekend. Learn more about the benefits of working with SpearTip’s SOC below.

SpearTip Security Operations Center Features

  • Staffed with a team of handpicked engineers, not contract workers, freelancers, or off-site, non-employee personnel
  • Provides cloud-based cyber counterintelligence infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate into your environment overnight
  • Delivers collaborative, hands-on, physical war room environment that can bring actionable results to your organization
  • Protects your organization 24/7/365, with round-the-clock access to cyber counterintelligence operatives
  • Monitors and evaluates future threats using cyber counterintelligence tradecraft, techniques and technology
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Choose SpearTip for Your MDR & Stay Protected

See the SpearTip difference when you partner with our managed detection and response service team. We offer both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services that leverage military cyber counterintelligence investigative strategies to protect your organization from serious threats.

See all of the ways our team will protect yours.

  • Threat detection and response services that identify and combat threat actors and threat vectors that are the most dangerous to your organization
  • Proprietary technology and protocols deployed at end points and on networks that detect, block and isolate specific threats
  • In-house response team, dedicated to your account, that can deploy on short notice in the event of a breach or incident
  • Continuously updating protection as a part of an inclusive partnership approach to keep your organization current, compliant and aware of changing threats
  • Quick to adapt and “pivot” based on your changing needs and goals, or threats to your organization, your assets and your executive team