Managed Detection & Response

When you hire SpearTip, you’re engaging a world-class team of certified professionals focused on keeping your information safe, so you can meet your goals. We’ll keep threats out of your networks before they become breaches, sniff out corrupt insiders working against you, and stop zero-day malware before it wreaks havoc.

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Our Security Operations Center (SOC) Gives You The Power To Fight Back.

SpearTip’s SOC lets you deliver a deathblow to cyber threats. Staffed by our elite, fully-certified team of operatives, and armed with the most advanced technology and equipment, our SOC gives you a cyber counterintelligence fighting force that would take years to build internally.

SpearTip Security Operations Center Advantages

  • Staffed with a team of handpicked engineers, not contract workers, freelancers, or off-site, non-employee personnel.
  • Provides cloud-based cyber counterintelligence infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate into your environment overnight.
  • Delivers collaborative, hands-on, physical war room environment that can bring actionable results to your organization.
  • Protects your organization 24/7/365, with round-the-clock access to cyber counterintelligence operatives.
  • Monitors and evaluates future threats using cyber counterintelligence tradecraft, techniques and technology.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Cyber threats don’t take a day off. They don’t take a minute off. Neither do we. Engaging our Managed Detection and Response Services delivers seek-and-destroy security operations designed to stop threats and protect your organization before you can be breached.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

If you have an elite level CISO we can provide an often-needed collaborative voice. If you don’t, our vCISO can help guide your security efforts at a fraction of a CISO’s salary.

Advanced Malware Prevention

Our methods are at the forefront of detecting and preventing zero-day and unknown malware before a breach can be triggered. Our solutions exceed common Antivirus -- Consider this your frontline defense.


Our experts make cybersecurity understandable and approachable. SpearPortal gives you a single tool to use for all communications regarding security events. Plus, we provide monthly reports for compliance and corporate communications.

Cyber Counterintelligence

The DarkWeb can be your worst enemy. Don’t let publicly available information be the downfall of everything your organization has worked so hard to build.

Advanced Threat Response

No barrier is impenetrable. That’s why we go on the offensive to combat bad activity occurring within your networks, rather than simply providing alerts.

Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

SpearTip’s SIEM solution collects the logs that matter in your environment to reduce false positives and make SIEM’s work for you rather than against you.

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Why You Should Choose SpearTip For MDR.

  • Threat detection and response that identifies and combats threat actors and threat vectors that are the most dangerous to your organization
  • Proprietary technology and protocols deployed at end points and on networks that detect, block and isolate specific threats
  • In-house response team, dedicated to your account, that can deploy on short notice in the event of a breach or incident
  • Continuously updating, inclusive partnership approach to keep your organization current, compliant and aware of changing threats
  • Quick to adapt and “pivot”, based on your changing needs and goals, or threats to your organization, your assets and your executive team