IT Security Gap Analysis

Conducting a cybersecurity gap analysis for your organization is vital to understanding the risks you are currently facing, allowing you to raise the overall level of cybersecurity for your organization. Cyberattacks happen every second and you need to ensure you are prepared.



A cybersecurity gap analysis will determine your security gaps and the required steps to take in order to reach your ideal level of cybersecurity. This practice is absolutely crucial to identifying weaknesses that can cause business disruption and other cybersecurity risks. Learn how SpearTip can help you protect your organization from threats sliding through the gaps in your security.

What are Security Gap Analyses?


An IT security gap analysis is a review done by cybersecurity professionals to establish the status of your cybersecurity risks in your organization. The results of the cybersecurity gap analysis will display your organization’s weaknesses and risks it faces. Then, you can work to close the gaps in your security.


When cybersecurity gap analyses are not conducted, your organization faces the vulnerability of being attacked and experiencing direct losses. These losses can range from business disruption to potentially close of business, if critical systems are attacked. It is important to understand your risk and establish a plan immediately to prevent an attack.

What Does an IT Security Gap Analysis Include?


Our cybersecurity risk assessment and security gap analysis will not only ensure you’re compliant but will also identify the areas where you could be at risk. Even though you may be compliant, you could still be at risk of a devastating court judgement in the event of a sophisticated breach that compromises customer, vendor and employee data, and more.


When the SpearTip team is done, you will know your cybersecurity weaknesses and how to fix them. Expect to have a network vulnerability assessment, IT security audit, penetration testing, web application security testing, a gap analysis and cyber hunting to complete a full 360-degree analysis. We don’t just focus on patch levels. We examine your entire security posture.

Security Compliance Gap Analysis Process

Network vulnerability assessments are a crucial part of the risk management process and should be conducted regularly to ensure devices on your network are not open to known vulnerabilities.

We comprehensively identify, classify, and analyze known and potential vulnerabilities, then we provide actionable solutions to eliminate any future cybersecurity problems. Here are some of the general steps in the IT security gap analysis process:

Identify Standard Security Framework

There are several common frameworks that can be used to give guidelines for organizational cybersecurity standards and information security management practices, giving you a good benchmark to compare your network protocols and security policies against. Once you have the standard benchmark set, you can begin to identify the gaps or issues in cybersecurity.

Evaluate Data and Network Security

Through our pre-breach cybersecurity risk assessment solutions, SpearTip is able to evaluate the data and network security through various steps. Depending on what the SpearTip team finds in the risk assessment phase, these evaluations may include network vulnerability assessment, IT security audit, penetration testing, web application security test, gap analysis, and threat hunting.

Provide Solutions for Security Gaps

In an IT security gap analysis, SpearTip not only comprehensively identifies, classifies, and analyzes known and potential vulnerabilities but also provides actionable solutions to eliminate any future cybersecurity problems. SpearTip will review application and operating system access controls and analyze physical access to your systems as well as comb your networks to ensure no zero-day malware exists and take swift action to remediate any found vulnerabilities.

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Benefits of Gap Analysis for Cybersecurity

It’s better to know about the problems you may have now than to discover them the hard way: when someone takes advantage of those gaps in your cybersecurity. If you aren’t completely sure whether your organization’s cybersecurity is compliant, it’s time to double check and form a plan to address those issues.

The SpearTip team can help you mitigate the risks of lax cybersecurity and gain all of the benefits of bolstering it instead:

  • Identify organization’s risk
  • Improve IT security
  • Define vulnerabilities
  • Discover weaknesses
  • Establish responsibility
  • Create a cybersecurity plan