Advanced SIEM Solutions

It is more crucial than ever that every organization uses every security tool at their disposal to ensure the safety of their information. What you’ve used in the past is no longer adequate enough cyber protection. SIEM solutions from SpearTip can help give you a holistic view of your cybersecurity environment and catch any activity that would have been missed without it.

What is SIEM as a Service and How Does It Work?

SIEM, which stands for Security Information and Event Management, is essential to add to your security arsenal. SIEM as a service is the offloading of log/event management collection to another company, such as SpearTip. This can improve the company’s efficiency and administration efforts and also meet compliance policies that are in place for companies of certain industries.


SIEMs provide a holistic view of what is happening across the environment in real time. SIEMs work by collecting real-time event and log data of an organization’s infrastructure and collating that on a centralized platform. SIEM as a service can be critical to catching abnormal activity that would not be seen unless logs were looked at in real-time.

SIEM Capabilities and Solutions

SIEMs have the ability to increase efficiency, aggregate logs, lower the chance of future security breaches and meet log compliance policies. SpearTip’s Cloud SIEM tool ShadowLog has the ability to detect suspicious activity such as multiple failed logins in a certain period of time, monitor command-line and PowerShell activity of all users, and also serves as a place for centralized log management.


ShadowLog utilizes the future of security tools known as ElasticStack, which is a completely customizable data visualization toolset. This allows for easy insight into how and what is occurring in real-time on a company’s network.

Benefits of Using SIEM Services

SIEM as a service can be a very useful tool for protecting your organization from outside threats. It’s a comprehensive solution to threats that can come from all angles. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from SIEM solutions.

Prevent Potential Threats

SIEMs have the ability to reduce the chance of future security breaches by providing real-time insight on activity that is traversing across the network. Being able to see real-time activity can allow for deeper threat hunting and provide insight on how the security team needs to further secure the environment from cyber criminals.

Increase Efficiency

SIEMs also increase efficiency by allowing for centralized log management. If an administrator needs to understand the time a certain event occurred, the centralized log management makes this much more feasible by allowing for a management console where all logs across the domain can be searched. Otherwise, the administrator would have to locally dig through Windows’ event logs in order to obtain the information.

Reduce Impact of Security Breaches

If a security breach were to occur, the centralization of logs makes the impact of this breach much lower as all event/log information is tracked and stored. The breach can be investigated and mitigated according to the event and log analysis that determined how the breach occurred. If no logs were collected and a breach were to occur, a security firm investigating the incident would not have logs to review to provide the insight needed as to how the breach occurred.