Tim Reboulet

SpearTip | July 27th, 2021


SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Principal Consultant, Tim Reboulet.

Tim Reboulet has over 20 years of international and domestic law enforcement experience. As a Senior Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, Tim served on the Presidential Details of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama and more recently focused on federal cyber security risk detection and mitigation. Tim’s cyber background includes leading the USSS Electronic Crimes Task Force inclusive of government and corporate participants and assignments to Europol (European Cyber Crime Center —EC3) and Critical Systems Protection division.

He is a highly experienced security leader with an extensive background in cyber-security, risk management, risk analysis, and the development of comprehensive strategic and logistical plans at the highest level of the United States Government and the European Union. Tim has proven success in forging relationships, diplomacy, and negotiating with private industry and various levels of government, both foreign and domestic. He also created and managed the Midwest Electronic Crimes Task Force (Eastern District of MO).

More about Tim Reboulet:

He was a member of the Presidential Protective Division from 2006-2011.

He is a board member at Paramount Bank.

Through his time with the Secret Service, he was assigned to the Europol Cyber Crime Center (EC3), Joint Cyber Action Team (J-CAT), the Dutch National High Tech Crimes Unit (NHTCU), and the European ATM Security Team (EAST).

For SpearTip, Tim will be assisting organizations with our Advisory Services before a breach so they can be properly prepared to defend against cyber threats.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific qualifications and experience does Tim Reboulet possess that make him a valuable addition to SpearTip as a principal consultant?

Tim Reboulet has over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, including extensive experience in incident response, threat hunting, and digital forensics. He also holds several certifications in cybersecurity, such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). These qualifications make him a valuable addition to SpearTip as a principal consultant.

How will Tim Reboulet's role as a principal consultant contribute to the overall goals and objectives of SpearTip?

Tim Reboulet's role as a principal consultant will contribute to SpearTip's overall goal of providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to clients. As a cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in various aspects of cybersecurity, including incident response and digital forensics, Tim will be able to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients who are looking to improve their cybersecurity posture. His expertise will also help SpearTip stay up-to-date with the latest trends and threats in the cybersecurity landscape.

Are there any particular projects or initiatives that Tim Reboulet will be leading or involved in as a principal consultant at SpearTip?

Tim will be working closely with clients to assess their cybersecurity needs and develop customized solutions to address their specific challenges. He may also be involved in training and mentoring other consultants at SpearTip to help them develop their skills and expertise in cybersecurity.

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