Charles Tony

Caleb Boma | September 9th, 2021


SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Charles Tony.

Charles Tony’s Bio

Charles will lead our Security Operations Center in Dubai as SpearTip continues growth and provides for partners in the MENA region. Charles will be handling partner engagements and running the SOC to enhance protection for businesses in the Middle East as threats increase at a rapid rate.

Charles Tony has 15 years of experience working closely with private and public sector clients in the Middle East to develop robust and future-ready technology solutions that reduce business operational costs, increase bottom-line benefits, and enhance brand value. His areas of expertise include Smart Cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Energy, and Sustainability Management. Skilled in market research, business development, consultative sales, Go to market strategy, and technical design development for SaaS-based applications.

He has played a vital role in developing several mega-size projects in the region that include remote data management and analysis that produced clear business outcomes of cost savings while ensuring data security and privacy for organizations. He is also a regular panelist in conferences on Digital Transformation, providing his wealth of experience in handling complex projects in Smart Cities.


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