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Industry-leading proprietary technology thwarts cyberattacks faster with greater real-time visibility and AI enhancements

(ST. LOUIS, MO) – January 21, 2020 – SpearTip, a leading cybersecurity and cyber counterintelligence firm, today announced advances that increase the speed and effectiveness of their proprietary ShadowSpear Platform, to help organizations identify and stop cyberattacks sooner. The platform was first developed in 2015 and has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems across the globe.

Details of the ShadowSpear® Platform

The result of these enhancements is an unparalleled resource that helps identify and block different types of threats and attacks earlier in the process than competing offerings. The ShadowSpear Platform also provides insight into the behavior of criminals and potential bad actors targeting an organization. The new user-friendly, interactive dashboard allows organizations to view all cyber alerts and detected threats in real-time, as well as report new events and keep track of their status and details.

“Our latest enhancements combine cutting-edge technology and cyber counterintelligence tradecraft that targets the methods, motivations and mindsets of the cybercriminals,” said SpearTip CEO Jarrett Koltoff. “As a result, we’re able to better help organizations of all sizes address the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and vulnerabilities – and better protect organizations’ information, investments and reputations.”

Delivered as a software-as-a-service model, ShadowSpear’s enhanced prevention models go beyond behavior-based machine learning to provide faster, pre- and on-execution blocking of malicious code on machines, making the solution effective at preventing the latest advanced, unknown and file-less attacks.

ShadowSpear integrates the following capabilities into the new dashboard, providing a single view of an organization’s security operations and executive leadership:

  • Enterprise Detection and Response
  • Cloud Security Information and Event Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • User Behavior Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Security Operations

SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform is lightweight, and stable, and was developed to be deployed quickly and easily within environments of any size. That versatility results in a lower risk of downtime for computer systems and ensures it does not contribute to network congestion.

This advanced technology is completely managed and operated by SpearTip’s 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). Unlike other market offerings, SpearTip’s SOC is always accessible by phone, day or night, and able to immediately help with a wide range of cyber issues.

About SpearTip

SpearTip, based in St. Louis, Mo., is a cyber counterintelligence firm that protects clients against cyber threats through both proactive and reactive services. SpearTip combines proprietary technology with extensive expertise and a background in military cyber counterintelligence to protect organizations from domestic and international cyber threats around the clock.

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