Deliver Confidence in your Incident Response Plans

Evaluate Your Team’s Preparedness to Response

SpearTip’s Incident Response practice is constantly assisting partners experiencing an incident. Cyber Incidents have a number of unpredictable variables, the one variable that is always true is the organizations that prepare ahead of time to succeed. Cyber Incidents are a matter of when not IF. Running simulated incidents fueled by the leading threats and attacks plaguing companies tests your companies ability to respond and build a better-tested plan of attack

The Exercise

SpearTip’s approach to Cyber Security Incidents
Incident Planning and Preparation

SpearTip creates custom unique Scenarios from scratch custom-built for your largest organizational risks.

Threat Briefing

Trained Incident Response Expert-led briefing to overview the scenario and walk your team step by step through the incident.

After Action Report and Roadmap

Progress in a tabletop is what you do after the incident. SpearTip creates reporting and lessons learned for where to focus the future of your teams incident response goals.

Benefits of SpearTip Tabletop Exercises

Evaluate Your Team's Preparedness
SpearTip allows your team to evaluate both strengths and weaknesses within the current incident response program and ensure smooth plan activation in the event of a major cyberattack. An established cybersecurity plan will help to minimize business disruption to your organization in the event a breach occurs.
Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
Knowing what to do and who to call when an incident strikes is critical to success. Through the event briefing, SpearTip clarifies your team's roles and responsibilities to be ready from the first alert.

Develop a Roadmap
Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and changing. Your team's ability to develop long term goals and processes greatly improves the capability for your team to plan progress.

Currently Experiencing a Breach?

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