Our Team

When choosing which cybersecurity company will protect your business, it is critical to vet the leadership. Get to know our team and what sets them apart from the competition.

Jarrett Kolthoff

Jarrett Kolthoff


Jarrett Kolthoff, President of SpearTip, emerged as an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur shortly after leaving military service as a Counterintelligence Agent. The SpearTip team responds to cyber intrusions across the globe and protects our clients 24/7 with our ShadowSpear Platform, focusing on protecting Enterprise corporations and Managed Service Providers.

Jarrett holds a BA in Political Science & Economics Rockhurst University and a Masters in International Relations from Troy State University. Jarrett brings real world experience backed by numerous technical certifications, including Sans Global Information Assurance Certification–Forensic Analyst (GCFA) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Joe Hoosech

Joe Hoosech


A decorated member of the United States Marine Corps, Joe attained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) before retiring from active duty in 2005. At SpearTip, Joe is tasked with continually improving internal processes, as cybersecurity strategies and tactics adapt, evolve and change seemingly by the minute. Joe’s dedication and commitment to every organization the company serves can be seen across multiple disciplines ranging from Incident Responses, Assessments, and Digital Forensics, to Managed Detection and Response.

kip woods

Kip Woods


Kip brings 2+ decades of multi-discipline IT experience into his role of leading the Product Management and Software Engineering teams through clear communication and focused collaboration. His background in Infrastructure, Service Management, Project Management, and leadership provide a well-rounded pool of knowledge for tackling strategic and tactical challenges. At SpearTip, Kip is primarily charged with supervising the enhancement and maintenance of the ShadowSpear Platform.

Debbie Scott

Debbie Scott


A United States Marine Corps Veteran, Debbie achieved the rank of Sergeant E-5 before her retirement in 1991, but continued to advance her career with a Bachelor of Science Business Management degree from Northern Kentucky University. Utilizing her planning and event management skills, Debbie organizes and arranges casework for our Security Operations Center. She enables processes to run smoothly and is a driving force for SpearTip’s success. Debbie takes on different roles every day to ensure SpearTip’s administrative sector is flowing as efficiently as possible by working in tandem with the engineers in our Security Operations Center.

dj hoeksema

DJ Hoeksema


As the Manager of the ShadowSpear platform, DJ leads multiple teams of Analysts and Engineers in protecting SpearTip's Partners 24/7. Together with his teams, the SOC detects, analyzes, and prevents hundreds of Cyberattacks daily leveraging the ShadowSpear Platform to defeat threat actors. DJ brings years of IT experience and hands-on Security Experience to his role. As a leader, DJ promotes hands-on learning, laboratory engagements, and reviewing previously found security incidents. Outside of work, DJ spends a lot of time on DIY projects renovating his home.

Andrew Chace

Andrew Chace


Andrew joined the SpearTip team after retiring from the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations. After 20 years as a Special Agent, with 16 years of that time spent as an agency designated Digital Forensics Agent, Andrew brings a passion for the constantly evolving incident response and digital forensics landscape. As a court recognized expert witness for digital forensics and after spending a career investigating numerous cases with electronic crimes components, Andrew brings experience and a proven track record of success to lead SpearTip’s Incident Response team in providing top notch services to our clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple; day by day, engagement by engagement, shift by shift, alert by alert, we defend our clients from cyber threats. Daily we save jobs, businesses, communities, governments, and livelihoods, and ultimately allow them to fulfil their own missions. Blend cutting-edge technologies, unique skill sets and proven military cyber counterintelligence strategies, SpearTip clients with our clients to protect shareholders’ value, shield corporate reputations and enhance long-term profits.

Core Values



• Be tireless in pursuit of answers, never give up until we find a solutions

• Resolute in our desire to exceed client expectations

• Insistent on holding ourselves to a higher standard

Continuous Learning

• Leverage knowledge to produce excellence

• Grow our people to grow the business

• Enrich our minds to improve our company culture and personal life

• Help others to excel, serve as knowledge base for each other, our clients, and our community


• Focus, Focus, Focus

• Develop, follow, and improve internal processes to achieve our corporate vision

• Listen, ask questions, get the facts, and make better decisions

• Committed to the best


•Be a collaborator with your team and with clients to produce superior results

• Be a team player, seek input and advice from co-workers

• Make it a practice to listen first and then to be heard


• Rely on your team and be reliable

• Uncompromising integrity, always transparent, honest and direct

• Treat others with dignity, care, empathy, and consideration

• Demand excellence


• Get it done, don’t delay

• Overcome roadblocks, push through issues

• Act with autonomy; make intentional decisions