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Web Application Assessment

Increase Cyber Reliance and Defense Capabilities

Our assessments leave no stone unturned in examining how your organization leverages your current technology. We review application and operating system access controls and analyze physical access to your systems. We conclude with detailed reports and recommendations to keep you compliant and safe, according to industry standards. 43% of data breaches involve attacks against web applications. Protect your organization from breaches that originate through web applications with our comprehensive assessments.

We examine how an organization leverages current technology by reviewing application and operating system access controls and analyzing physical access to systems, concluding with detailed recommendations to maintain compliance. Every organization should undergo a comprehensive web application assessment to increase their cyber reliance and defense capabilities. Our detailed advisory service extends beyond simple compliance and audit checks; we examine your entire security posture in a comprehensive process.

Project Workflow

Phase 1 | Reconnaissance

SpearTip scans systems and networks related to your environment and examines for publicly available data to identify vulnerable systems or other potential targets.

Phase 2 | Exploitation

SpearTip leverages data discovered during the reconnaissance phase and, with client approval, attempts to exploit vulnerable services. Where relevant, SpearTip’s assessors also attempt to access the internal network leveraging an exploit or move laterally within the environment.

Phase 3 | Validation

SpearTip examines the technical data and validates all findings. This ensures that false positive findings are filtered out of the final reports. The analysis includes the discovery of compensating security controls that could affect the criticality rating of a discovered vulnerability.

Phase 4 | Deliverables

Finalized deliverables are presented to and reviewed with the client.

Phase 5 | Feedback

The client provides feedback and asks questions about the deliverables and findings of the engagement.

Phase 6 | Rescan

After the client has an opportunity to resolve relevant vulnerabilities and provide engagement feedback, SpearTip rescans the environment to provide evidence that discovered vulnerabilities have been remediated.

Assessment Objectives

Secure application controls so only validated users can access and unvalidated requests are not considered

SQL Injection tests to limit the ability of threat actors to interfere with application queries

Cross-Site Scripting & Request Forgery allows us to test for, removed, and prevent malicious scripts from running

Verify security measures are patched, updated, and fully aligned to your usage and security stack

Assessment Overview

The main components of our Web Application Assessment assist your organization in many avenues of protection.

Most companies utilize different applications and tools to make sure their business operates at total capacity. This creates many potential initial access points for threat actors in your environment.

Our team initiates an extensive process to find these vulnerabilities and help protect your critical information from threat actors. We will uncover gaps in access controls, recommend necessary patch updates, and assess the overall strength of application security. Ensure the tools you rely on are securely working for your business.

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